Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Entrecard Contest Officically Ended - Contest Winners To Be Announced Later

My "Review My Site" Entrecard contest officially ended last June 30, 2009. Although, it fell short of my expectations, it was still a success in terms of link building and networking with other bloggers.

I am now currently consulting with the other contest sponsors to include their top 'commenters' in the raffled off prizes. We shall be announcing the winners in the different categories by tommorow after all the inputs have been submitted.

There were only 5 reviews submitted. I would like to thank all of you who submitted a review. I shall treasure your views and suggestions. Each one of you automatically gets 1,000 EC credits and will be entitled to 10 raffle entries for the top prize of 29,000 ECS. The 5 reviewers and the link to their posts are (drumroll):

1. All Blog Contest
2. Biasasaja dot com
3. Just Throw The Money
4. Dogmaw Blog
5. Ultimate Blogging Toolkit

There were more contest advertisers (18) than blog reviewers and I wish to thank all of them for helping out by posting the contest badge in their web sites. Each one of them will automatically receive 500 EC credits each plus 10 raffle entries to win our secondary raffle prize of 10,000 EC Credits. The top commenters of our contest sponsors for the month of June are also entitled to win this prize. They will each get 10 raffle entries. The contest advertisers are:
1.Wine At Five
2.Woodworker Blog
3.Gadget Freaks
4.Cornyman's Money Page
5.Wish Happy Birthday
6.Ultimate Blogging Kit
7.All About Babies And Kids
8.Daily Blog Contest
9.Easy Racing
10.Sub Basement
11. Lainne's Abode
12. Nizhama 2
13.A Woman Remembers
14.Mom From Manila
15. Biasasaja dot Com
16.Money & Work@Home
17. Verginon 40

To all of you , my sincerest thanks for promoting the contest. Your EC credits will be transferred to you as soon as the raffle has been done through! I shall look forward to building permanent links with each one of you!

To my contest sponsors, my sincerest gratitude for your support. I have created permanent links to your sites and have included each one of you in my daily droplist with a promise to visit your sites daily without fail!

1. Zorlone
2. Femme Power
3. Conversations With Moms
4. Singaporean In London
5. Gadget Freaks
6. Wine At Five
7. Blog Go Down
8. About my Pregnancy
9. My Freedom Wall
10. Gadget Freaks

Contest Winners will be announced in the next two days. Contest sponsors will be sending their sponsored prizes directly to the winner of the Blog review contests. The rest of the prizes will be sent also within the next two days and each of you will be informed via Entrecard e-mail. The total EC credits that will be given away in this contest is 52,500! Watch out for the next announcement!


  1. Sana manalo ka po...Goodluck po...Just passing lng po..:)

  2. I'm surprised you didn't get more comments, but glad that I did. :)

  3. Hey Richard,
    First let me say thanks for dropping on my blog again. I don't do contest at all but I am happy that you do and that some people enter them and even leave comments. Maybe your next contest will reap different results. Hang in there my friend and thanks for the post.

    Friends 4 Life!

  4. I am following you.... ;)

  5. Hi Richard- I know that with the changes in EC, I am seeing fewer blogs that are new to me. People seem to be advertising only within small circles of friends, and there are lots of dead end widgets. I didn't stumble on your contest till the very last day. You did a good job, I think it's just difficult to get the EC traffic we used to.

    I'll be starting a scavenger hunt with prizes at on July 20. Stop by and check it out.