Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EC Plaza - 15 Years Of Providing An Excellent Global B2B Marketplace

Looking forward to expanding your business?

Need to source out cheaper supplies and components for a competitive edge?

Searching for new products to market?

Whether you are a buyer sourcing out quality and reliable products and services, or a seller hoping to extend your marketing reach beyond your own borders, or a start up business looking for new products to market, EC Plaza is definitely the company for you!

EC Plaza is a B2B (business-to-business) global marketplace. It is an online trading venue where buyers and sellers get to meet with ease...and, for free!

This year, EC Plaza is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as a premium global trading marketplace ...15 years of successfully putting together global buyers and suppliers...15 years of helping both big and small businesses to achieve a truly global reach for their products and services sans the strain on their marketing budgets...15 excellent years of helping big and small manufacturers find cheap and reliable sources of raw materials and supplies for their manufacturing requirements!

Manufacturers need not waste their valuable financial assets to go on expensive trips just to source out new suppliers of those much needed products and services,... and sellers need not spend a fortune to conduct  world wide promotional tours just to introduce your company and products! EC Plaza does that for you...for free! Yup! There are no strings attached at all. You simply need to register at their website and you can already advertise your product for free!  Your free membership allows you to also search their database for products, services, or companies that your own business may require! Here's another additional benefit to all registered members of their B2B site...they get to download their live messenger service to chat with potential buyers or suppliers thus saving you much time and resources.

Here are the benefits you get for a free membership:

  1. Your own free website - You get a free website where you can upload your company profile and producs and generate your own sales lead!
  2. You get free Inquiries Worldwide - At no expense to you at all, you can reach out to thousands of prospective buyers from all over the world.
  3. Live Messenger service for free -  You may download their PC080 messenger apllication to chat directly with your potential buyers and sellers in real time to close deals faster!
  4. Get Updates - You will receive daily trade alerts and a listing of new buyers and sellers. You will also receive the EC Plaza Monthly Update containing new trade trends and the latest news in the marketplace!
If these are not good enough for you, you can try EC Plaza's pre-paid premium services where you can get a load of  additional marketing premiums that goes along with the package (and includes genuine sales leads that you can convert into real business).

You will never go wrong with EC Plaza which has 15 years of providing an excellent trading platform for both small and big businesses world wide. They scrutinize every product before they are allowed to be listed on their site. They make sure none of the products listed are fake or infringe on any intellectual property rights!

Get an edge over your competitors today! Incorporate a B2B marketing strategy to your company's drive now. Sign up with EC Plaza! It's free!