Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pretentious Prince and His Evil Maiden

Note: This is a re-post of the article I wrote out of anger for an ingrate last February, 2010! It was a way to vent the anger in me at that particular time. I am publishing this again as I am once more at the peak of my swirling anger and pent up emotions...not to mention the building up of my blood pressure to a high.

If you have a disrespectful, selfish ingrate for a son, I am sure you'd just as easily transform the anger and revulsion in you into a literary outburst!  This is what I wrote then...this is what I feel now!

I have long envied  entrecarders who are great writer/poets like  Jena Isle of Gewgaw Writings and Dr. Z of Zorlone. They are such good writers that I always enjoy every visit to their sites. I have always wanted to be a good writer...a superb poet like the two of them.  Unfortunately, I have not been bestowed with such fertile imagination and the gift of gab to transform thoughts and feelings into dancing, bouncing words that not only entertains but conveys vivid images of the messages their pens wish to impart!

I have been overwhelmed lately by heavy thoughts I simply can not shrug off. My temper has been rising and my blood pressure has been shooting up intermittently! So, while doing my usual rounds of Entre Drops, I came across the sites of Jena and Dr. Z again - and right then and there, I decided to try putting my thoughts into words. I initially planned to write a free verse...no rhyme, no meter nor musical patterns...I ended up writing a short story instead (or, is it?)! Anyway, whatever form this literary attempt ended up to be, I really couldn't care less...I simply enjoyed writing it ...and the experience of grasping for the appropriate words to use was simply exhilarating. Let me share with you my so-called first literary piece.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Truly Unbeatable! $10/Year Unlimited Web Hosting + Free Domain Name @NEXX

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Unbelievable but true!

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This is no 'lemon' of an offer because it is coming from a company which is committed to providing customers with affordable solutions to establish and grow web presence. Nexx has been featured on the New York Times, Slashdot, CNET, CBC, CTV and many other media outlets. It is one of the first to offer a unified Windows / Linux development environment, clustered hosting architecture, clustered database servers and applications on demand. Trust, quality, and reliability have made Nexx one of the largest, most recommended web hosting companies in the world.


And if this is not yet enough to convince you, let me give you the clincher...Nexx is including a 30-day money back guarantee for this promotional offer!

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 If you haven't made up your mind, I have. I have decided to transfer this site to Nexx web hosting services so in the next few days you will be re-directed to my new home! 

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

150 Top Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers + 10

Revised Listing For May, 2010
(Note: This list contains 150 + 10 of Entrecard's Reciprocal Droppers. This list was based on the percentage of reciprocal drops they made for the previous month. This list is revised every end of the month. Entrecarders reciprocating at least 85% of the drops I made on their widgets within a month will automatically be added in the list while those on the list failing to make the grade will be de-listed. However, it doesn't mean that I won't be returning your drops if you are not on the list, or if you have been de-listed. For as long as your widgets appear on my inbox, I will reciprocate your drops. This list serves as an aid for everyone to maximize their daily drops. )

Putting together a list of 300 Entrecard Dropaholics who are 100% reciprocal droppers have been my elusive goal for the past six months. I have been changing and revising my list every month because it seems people may be active in a month's time then suddenly hibernate the next. However, all through this time, I was able to gather a list of 150 Entrecarders who will reciprocate your drops 100% of the time. If they see your widget in their inbox, they will surely return the favor.

My quest was to come up with at least 300 of them but many of those originally listed have opted out of Entrecard while others seems to have tapered down their activities, with perhaps some even finding the "U Drop, I Follow" concept a bit out of fashion!

My list of the top 150 +10 Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers will now constitute my daily drop list. For those who have adopted my drop list in the past, you may update your lists by copying the code in the box below.

For those who wish to be part of my list, you actually need not request to be listed. I update my list every end of the month and if you regularly reciprocate my drops, I will automatically include you in the next update. If you want to be included immediately in this current listing, just drop me a comment in the comment form on this post. Once I receive your request, I will include you in the list provided you pledge to reciprocate the drops made on you daily at least 85% of the time!

Are you in this list? 
Read more and scroll down the list to find out!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comelec's Guidelines on Random Manual Audit Will Result Into A Sham Electoral Process

Official Seal of the Commission on ElectionsImage via Wikipedia
The Comelec has just released a resolution covering the Random Manual Audit as provided for by our Automated Election Code!  After reading the news report on this, I was truly, hysterically angry (fuming mad) because I had hoped that after junking the petition for a parallel manual count, Comelec would at least allow the RMA to serve as check and balance for the automated election process! As it is now, the RMA is being reduced to a mere sideshow of the whole electoral process! Whatever discrepancy the RMA may unearth, as per the Comelec resolution, it will not affect the proclamation of winners based on the automated count!

The Random Manual Count was our last hope for transparency in this electoral process! As it is now, we are totally at the mercy of the source code fed into the PCOS machines...the future of our country is now totally at the hands of Comelec whose commissioners are all Arroyo appointees, and Smartmatic which had a tainted history of electoral malpractice in the US and other Latin countries! We are now left with no recourse whatsoever to question any discrepancy or anomaly in the conduct of the election process!

Simply put, the Comelec and Smartmatic has total control of our election process so much so that they can manipulate the results of the elections without us knowing it! It is a known fact that a simple script or command hidden in the source code could alter election results completely undetected!