Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spend A Leisurely Lazy Sunday Watching Great NFL Matchups On HDTV

So, you love sports. You must be a football fanatic too! And I guess you also know by now that DirectTV has cornered the rights to air all NFL Sunday afternoon games packaged as NFL Sunday Ticket till 2014! That's right! No more Sunday afternoon NFL games on cable! Only from DirectTv till 2014. You wouldn't want to miss the thrill and excitement of the play-by-play action while watching the NFL Sunday games in streaming HD (high definition) television, would you?

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you'll be able to watch up to 14 NFL games every Sunday or about 200 games per NFL season. You can live the excitement of every game match-up, and even watch up to 8 games simultaneously! With a DVR, you can also record some of the games to watch them later in your leisure. NFL Sunday Ticket price may differ from one area to another. Call now their toll free number 800-378-9318 for the best special offer rates in your area. If you call and subscribe now, you may even get $21 off per month for a year on your subscription. A cool $559 savings right off the bat!  NFL Sunday Ticket can be bundled with DirectTV's other bundled packages and at the same time you get your local channels for free!

Forget those guys who argues that DirectTV will go poof when the weather is bad because it is satelite provided (precisely the times you would rather stay home and watch NFL games). There is hardly a thread of truth to it. The fact is in a bad weather, the power may go out first before DirectTV gets knock down, - DirectTV reception remains crisp and sharp even during those gusty conditions!

Here's more, with the NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively bundled into your DirectTV subscription package, you get to watch the pre-game coverage and 24/7 news and highlights from the NFL network  including the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule- a feature you won't get from cable operators!

Here's more! You get free standard professional installation in up to 4 rooms. You may even get a free HD DVR receiver upgrade along with some choice packages! Take note of this, in most areas, DirectTV costs are even cheaper than cable.

With your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, you get an interactive Player Tracker too where you get to track up to 18 of your favorite players and receive live 'Big Play' alerts even while you are watching other games!

If you hadn't done it yet, forget cable now and shift to DirectTV or you'll miss the fun and excitement of lazying around on Sunday afternoons watching NFL games. (Don't forget to stock up on your popcorns and sodas too!)

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If Only These Babies Could.....They'd Shop At Lou Lou's Corner!

My best friend's daughter is expecting her first baby soon, and close friends and relatives are hosting a baby shower for her this weekend. I need to get some gifts for her and her forthcoming baby but I don't have the time to go to the mall to do some shopping...besides, I am afraid I'd be buying more than what I plan to buy...(So, you guessed it right, online shopping went this lazy, penny-pinching slob.) This is how I stumbled on this adorable website called "Lou Lou's Corner" which is selling baby stuff online. But wait, it is not one of those online store sites which promote and dropship products from various manufacturers (products which  possibly have not even been physically handled nor seen by the siteowner/dropshipper - there are a lot of those in the net!).

Lou Lou's Corner is a real specialty store in downtown Hickory, North Carolina. It is a real store with its own unique online presence. Its website describes shopping at Lou Lou's Corner as an extremely mesmerizing and wholesome experience for the entire family. I haven't been there but I tend to believe their claim because mere surfing through Lou Lou's Corner (its online store carrying the same name) is truly a refreshing and rewarding experience for me.

Lou Lou's corner has a well-selected line of designer baby clothes that will surely make your baby stand out with family and friends. Known name brands designed for comfort and style include Appaman, Barefoot Dreams, Catimini, Deux Par Deux and Room Seven. They carry baby accessories from Boon's Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cup, to the super soft cream blanket from Barefoot Dreams, to the Bugaboo Bee compact, nimble, one-piece foldable stroller, to the wonderful Ramba Zamba rattle from Haba, Zolo Linko teether-and-toys chain, and a whole caboodle of other baby accessories. Lou Lou's Corner  also carries baby toys, baby books and other goodies to entertain babies, toddlers, and kids. And of course, the baby corner won't be complete without having a huge assortment of the ever popular JellyCat Stuffed Toys.

Browsing for a product is easy and hassle free with their own keyword site search which you even can narrow down to a specific price range that suits your budget. And yes, shipping is cheap at a flat rate of $4.95 via UPS Ground.

If babies can only surf the net themselves... this is what they may say about  Lou Lou's Corner:

Unfortunately, they still can't, so you've got to do the online shopping for them. Visit Lou Lou's Corner now and find out the many knick knacks and wonderful kidstuff  you may not even find in the malls.

These are some of the great finds you will see in this site:

Friday, June 26, 2009

Urgent Update - My Entrecard Blog Contest

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3 Days Left before the contest ends!- Plenty of time to write that review and win some EC Credits! Joining and writing a review gives you a permanent link to my PR3 blog plus a link to a network of other ranked and prestigious sites. Post your review now!
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Traders' Hub's "review me" Entrecard contest has grown bigger and better. The top prize now stands at 29,000 EC's and still growing. But much more than the giveaway prizes, the value of participating in this contest is worth your time and effort as a blogger. Inspired by the success of our Entrecard Droplist, we have decided to turn this contest into another link building/networking activity. Participation in this activity allows you to link to quality sites with higher page ranks and therefore improve your chances of getting a higher page rank yourself.  You may participate in three ways now!
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    • All you need to do is make an honest to goodness review of Traders' Hub and post it in your site. The review must at least be 150 words long and must contain a link to this site (paste the required code link below) plus another link to any of the contest sponsors. Once you have posted your review go over to Trader's Hub and post a comment via the comment link below the blog contest post. Please include the exact URL of your post in your comment. Every entry wins you 500 EC's automatically. The best five reviews  will be chosen by bigdaddy in consensus with the other sponsors, and the top prize will be awarded to the winner who will be chosen using The four other non-winning qualifiers will get an additional 1,000 ECs each. The contest will run until June 30, 2009. Winners will be announced on the same day.
          Blog Review
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          You just need to add up at least 500 EC's to the top prize. As contest sponsor you get your badge posted in in my site as well as in the sites of the other sponsors. On top of that, a participant will be required to link to any one or all of the contest sponsors of his/her choice. To be a sponsor, simply send me an email via entrecard stating the amount of EC's you wish to sponsor.
        (Sites Where you find the contest badge.)

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