Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Gold Rush- Is It Too Late? Consult The Aurum Advisor!

Trading near historical record highs just below $1,000 per oz., gold is currently the apple of the eye of most investors. From the lows of about $260 per oz. in September, 1999, Gold has risen to record highs momentarily breaking the $1,000 per oz. mark in March, 2008. Gold is the oldest and the purest form of money. From the first discoveries of gold in ancient times, its beauty and the ease with which it could be worked have inspired craftsmen to use it to create ornaments, not just for adornment, but as potent symbols of wealth and power. The first pure gold coins were struck by King Croesus of Lydia (present-day Turkey) during his reign between 560 and 547 BC and gold coins have continued as legal tender since that time. Gold is considered the ultimate asset. No governments can devalue it.  It is not tied to any debts foreign or local. No monetary board, central bank, or board of directors can dictate its value. Its value is dictated only by actual supply and demand for the commodity. That’s why gold has maintained its luster as a safe haven for capital in crisis, and has preserved investors’ purchasing power over a span of some 5000 years.

Gold's recent record rise to the $1,000 per oz. level is due in large part to investors looking to preserve their wealth at this time when all the economies of the world is being gripped by this nasty recession which had taken a seemingly firmer and dismal hold on every industry - this, despite numerous government-initiated attempts to bail-out the world economy. True to its calling as a "safe haven" for investments during troubled times, Gold tremendously rose in value as investors, fearing the adverse effect of the current financial crisis, pulled out their investments from stocks, bonds, currencies, etc. and invested them on gold. Gold as a safe-haven for investments has once more proven its worth beyond any doubt. Take note of this, if you invested $25,000 in gold in 2005 (at $400 per oz.), (the year when the first apprehensions and warnings about the US real estate industry's bubble possibly bursting were published), your gold investment would have been worth $58, 437 by now.

Attractive as it is, investing in gold is not without risks and must always be with the help of experienced investment advisors. Investment in gold can be done directly through bullion or coin ownership, or indirectly through gold exchange-traded funds, certificates, accounts, spread betting, derivatives or shares. Indirect investments on gold is more speculative in nature and entails greater risks. Direct gold investments through bullion or coin ownership is more preferred and more appropriate for hedging purposes. Not only can you hold on to it physically, you can hold on to it for as long as you want until such an opportune time to divest it comes around. However, in owning gold bullion or gold coins, you may also run the risk of its market value depreciating (specially if you happen to buy the gold bullions or the gold coins at historically high prices). Remember prices of any commodity including gold fluctuate according to supply and demand equations. You may need expert advice from an Aurum (Latin word for gold) advisor as to when, where, and how to initiate your gold investment.

One of the best online sources of information to buy gold bullions or buy gold coins is Gold Coins Gain, An Aurum Advisor Website. Nowhere else in the blogosphere will you find the most comprehensive and easily accessible information on just about any topic related to gold. At GoldCoinsGain.Com you will find all information  you may need prior to investing on this precious commodity from buying gold coins to gold bullion, to gold liquidation, spot price of gold, grading of gold, gold’s history, gold coin performance, the role gold should play in an investors portfolio.

One of the most important information I got from this site is its comprehensive discussion on gold backed IRA and 401k's. You may not have money in the bank right now to indulge in gold bullion or gold coin acquisitions, but you have your retirement fund with which you have every right to choose on which asset you may wish to place your IRA funds. Rather than see your lifelong savings in IRA depreciate in value due to the current recession, it will be wise to consult GoldCoinsGain.Com on the best way to secure a Gold IRA.
There will always be an investment opportunity for you on gold bullions and gold coins but it is always best to consult the Aurum Advisors. Here is their contact information:

Aurum Advisors
1801 Century Park East
25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Toll Free: 800-940-7793
Phone: 310.556.9667

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  1. I wish I had bought back in 1999. Too high for me now, I will stay away from it.

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