Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spend A Leisurely Lazy Sunday Watching Great NFL Matchups On HDTV

So, you love sports. You must be a football fanatic too! And I guess you also know by now that DirectTV has cornered the rights to air all NFL Sunday afternoon games packaged as NFL Sunday Ticket till 2014! That's right! No more Sunday afternoon NFL games on cable! Only from DirectTv till 2014. You wouldn't want to miss the thrill and excitement of the play-by-play action while watching the NFL Sunday games in streaming HD (high definition) television, would you?

With NFL Sunday Ticket, you'll be able to watch up to 14 NFL games every Sunday or about 200 games per NFL season. You can live the excitement of every game match-up, and even watch up to 8 games simultaneously! With a DVR, you can also record some of the games to watch them later in your leisure. NFL Sunday Ticket price may differ from one area to another. Call now their toll free number 800-378-9318 for the best special offer rates in your area. If you call and subscribe now, you may even get $21 off per month for a year on your subscription. A cool $559 savings right off the bat!  NFL Sunday Ticket can be bundled with DirectTV's other bundled packages and at the same time you get your local channels for free!

Forget those guys who argues that DirectTV will go poof when the weather is bad because it is satelite provided (precisely the times you would rather stay home and watch NFL games). There is hardly a thread of truth to it. The fact is in a bad weather, the power may go out first before DirectTV gets knock down, - DirectTV reception remains crisp and sharp even during those gusty conditions!

Here's more, with the NFL Sunday Ticket exclusively bundled into your DirectTV subscription package, you get to watch the pre-game coverage and 24/7 news and highlights from the NFL network  including the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule- a feature you won't get from cable operators!

Here's more! You get free standard professional installation in up to 4 rooms. You may even get a free HD DVR receiver upgrade along with some choice packages! Take note of this, in most areas, DirectTV costs are even cheaper than cable.

With your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, you get an interactive Player Tracker too where you get to track up to 18 of your favorite players and receive live 'Big Play' alerts even while you are watching other games!

If you hadn't done it yet, forget cable now and shift to DirectTV or you'll miss the fun and excitement of lazying around on Sunday afternoons watching NFL games. (Don't forget to stock up on your popcorns and sodas too!)

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  1. We had Sunday ticket for a few years, then when the economy started to get bad, we had to let it go. It is not cheap, but if you love football, it is great.

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