Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spreading Some Long Delayed Link Love - My Way Of Saying Thank You

In case you have not noticed it yet, my Google page rank has gone up to 3! It used to be PR2 Last April and went down to PR0 last month for reasons I still don't understand. What I am sure of is that I owe this increase in my ranking to the people who have been dropping by my site daily, making a comment or two every now and then, with some even including me in their blog rolls and following me on tweeter.

Of special mention are the Entrecarders who have joined my Entrecard Droplist which I launched more than a month ago (particularly those with higher page  ranks who have boosted the effectiveness of the EC droplist as a networking tool for link building).

To show my gratitude to these people who have lent support to Traders' Hub, I shall now regularly publish a post acknowledging their support with a pledge to reciprocate every effort extended my way!

For starters, here is the list of my Top Entrecard Droppers:

Hello Kitty Gifts
Blog of News & Trips of my Hello Kitty and Limited Edition & Special Edition Hello Kitty Gifts for All Occasions and Everyone!
Alexa Traffic Rank : 82,727
Technorati Authority : 35
Google Page Rank: PR 3
Tags:Blog,Pics,Travel,Hong Kong,collectibles,Cute,Gifts,SANRIO,Trips,watches, Unique, Hello Kitty, Special Edition, Limited Edition, hellokittygifts, mykittygifts, hello kitty gifts

The purpose of this blog is to help clear-up much of the confusion that now exists concerning our Heavenly Father and the righteousness of all of His most awesome ways, especially in regards to just who we are and the very close and personal relationship that we can have with Him in this day and age.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 84,084
Technorati Authority: 40
Google Page Rank: PR 3

Moms Lifestyle
Vivian’s blog about motherhood, parenting and everyday life. This blog is all about the family life style and love of family.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 131,992
Technorati Authority: 11
Google Page Rank: PR 2
Tags:Kids, Motherhood, lifestyle, Home, Moms, Education, Life, Parenting, Health

Interesting PC problems encountered by a Computer Tech. Plus some other stuff :-)
Technorati Authority: (Not Found)
Google Page Rank: PR 3
A personal blog celebrating Filipino pride. Featuring random thoughts from the author, entertainment news, TV shows, books, latest movies and music.
Google Page Rank: PR 1
60 Were Enough blog about Music, Artists, Mp3 and 60 Were Enough News.
Google Page Rank: PR 3

Showcases of photography, idea, concept, design, graphic, environment, architecture, interior and art
Google Page Rank: PR 2
I am a mom of two boys, a wife and full time career woman. I try to balance my work and home life while trying to fit in some time to be a wife.  This blog is a means to try to entertain, educate (tips and reviews) and network.
Google Page Rank: PR 3 talks about anything under the sun, everything that is relevant and things that can promote better friendship and better life.
Google Page Rank: PR 2
I am a... student, programmer, debater, teacher, traveler, photographer, documenter, a lover of happy things. This is my pensieve... my thoughtful and eyecatching version of life.
Google Page Rank: PR 2
Health is The Family's Ultimate Wealth
Google Page Rank: PR 2
Tags:  Health,  SUNExerciseDiet, Vitamins, depression, Stress, vegetables, Cancer, Diabetes, Water,
Heart Disease, fruits and vegetables, fat, Healthy lifestyle, Cholesterol, fibers, phytochemicals

KuTenk 2000
Learning Corner for Personal Development, Business Management Training, Professional Learning and Education. Center for Personal Development, Professional Learning and Education, Finance, Smart Investment, Business Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Business Success, Computer, Technology Update, Lifestyle Improvement.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 126,972
Technorati Authority: 18
Google Page Rank: PR 3
Tags: online bookstore, Supply Chain Management, kutenk 2000, free book download, Software Engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, free ebook, it computer, cheap book, bargain pdf ebook,

Quantum Indonesia Translogistic
about freight forwarding, transportation, export, import, cpo, coffee, sea transportation, air transportation, financial news
Alexa Traffic Rank: 69,949
Technorati Authority: 73
Google Page Rank: PR 3
Tags: transportation, indonesia, air, import, sea, clearance, delivery, shipping ,container, custom, export, warehouse, consolidation, trucking, forwarding, freight, forwarder, nvocc

Anything Goes W/ Pahn
Anything Goes w/ Pahn is a personal website of Pahn to weblog his views, opinion and some story to the world wide web.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 83,449
Technorati Authority: 59
Google Page Rank: PR0
Tags: personal, love, god, career, experience, entrepreneur, cyber life

Superficial Gallery
The Superficial Gallery has the funniest columns, the best videos, a great forum, free gum* games with great prizes and thousands of celebrity pics thrown in for good measure.
*We are out of gum. Deal with it.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,873
Technorati Authority: 79 
Google Page Rank: PR 5
Tags: celeb Tongues, Comedy, Columns, Celebrities, Gallery, Celeb Pics, Humor, tongues, Articles, superficial

Business & Life Success
Center for Business Success, Life Success, Management Success and Career Success
Alexa Traffic Rank: 101,708
Technorati Authority: (Not Found)
Google Page Rank: PR 2

The Ad Master
Tons of Tips and Tricks to help you advertise online.  From lists of free traffic resources to advice on keyword placement and linkbuilding.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 65,694
Technorati Authority: 93
Google Page Rank:

The Matthias Chronicles
I believe every topic is debatable in a civil manner no matter how extreme the topic is. I don't believe in racism at all and racist elements of our society only server to keep us back. Without debating the hard issues openly, we don't progress. As a society, we must progress in a positive direction in order to survive. That often means pulling out heads out of the sand and facing reality, something many Americans, along with other nationalities, often try to avoid.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 71,202
Technorati Authority: 92
Google Page Rank: PR 2
Tags:Politics, News, Religion, Opinions, Government, Blogs, Society, Military, Javascript, SEO, Resources, Christian, Sarcasm, cynacism

Travel on the Tide ~
Travel on the Tide is written by a retired newspaper publisher who spends several months each year traveling.  He tells little known facts about places he has visited as well as travel tips that work.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 114,893
Technorati Authority: 7
Page Rank: PR 3
Tags:Vacation, Travel

Singapore Playground
Places of fun and interest recommends for family staying and visiting Singapore.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 168,028
Technorati Authority: 1
Google Page Rank: PR 1
Tags: singapore tour, singapore places of interests, family place, singpapore visit, Singapore, singapore tourist, singapore fun, singapore palces, best singapore family, visit singapore, singapore family, things to do in  singapore, best singapore place, singapore interestsbest singapore visit

Is a mans world
Blogging about Techonology,Gadgets including Big Boys Toys and more..
Alexa Traffic Rank: 75,112
Technorati Authority: 31
Google Page Rank: PR 3

Juliana's Lair
A blog about loving and living in the Big Apple. It details the dynamics in the household of a happily married interracial couple; she as a stay-at-home wife, and he as a Wall Street professional.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 78,947
Technorati Authority: 120
Google Page Rank:
Tags: food, cooking, shopping, new york, married life, new yorker, stay home wife

Random Ramblings
Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 77,533
Technorati Authority: 126
Google Page Rank: PR 4

Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog
Daily breaking news, commentary and analysis from Zimbabwe's leading on-the-scene analyst. Everything from Mugabe to Zimbabwe's economy
Alexa Traffic Rank: 62,564
Technorati Authority: 67
Google Page Rank: PR 5
Tags: simba makoni, Zimbabwe, blogspot, victoria falls, zimbabwe analysis, impasse, inclusive government negotiations, Mavambo, power-sharing, denford magora, sanctions targeted, hyperinflation, Robert Mugabe,
power sharing
Popular blog about free video game, anime, manga, and cartoon related paper crafts. Includes links to hundreds of web sites on 3D paper models, origami, dioramas, paper automata, paper art, paper toys and pop-up cards.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 42,385
Technorati Authority: 156
Google Page Rank: PR 4
Tags: Anime, nintendo, Arts, FINAL FANTASY, Manga, Crafts, Origami, pokemon, Video Game, Xbox 360, mecha, papercraft, automata, diorama, paper art, paper toy, paper model, scale model, wii, paper tomata, chokipeta

Glitter Text Generator

Big Daddy Richard

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  1. Oh my, I thought I would be doing something really good to list the top 25 droppers on tomorrows post, but this puts that idea to shame. Thank you so very much--both for going to so much effort, and for making it possible to be included here. For I am absolutely obsessed with redropping, and it is because of how often you have dropped me that I have dropped on you.

  2. Well I think this is the best opportunity to say a big, BIG "Thank You" to Big Daddy Richard for the Drop List that he had created for us! Thanks a lot for it and more power!:=)

  3. Congrats to all who got on your list.

  4. Thank you very much for the link and for making me realize that i should be changing my old Entrecard image, lol. Thanks again!

  5. Wow! That must have taken you a long time to write this post. Much appreciated for the highlight. Thank you.

    My PR just went up to 3 also. Congrats to you.

  6. Wow! You got a long list there! :)

    The mentioned bloggers will definitely love it.:) It only shows how you, as a blogger, appreciatete their time and effort to visit and comment on your blogs. .

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