Friday, May 29, 2009


 Excerpt from
 The Thief
 by Abraham Cowley
Thou robb'st my days of business and delights,
   Of sleep thou robb'st my nights ;
   Ah, lovely thief, what wilt thou do?
   What?  rob me of heaven too?
   Even in my prayers thou hauntest me:
   And I, with wild idolatry,
Begin to God, and end them all to thee.

I live alone in a small flat in a neighborhood with a high rate of incidence of burglary. With only a baseball bat by my bed as I sleep, I worry a lot about the day when a burglar will take fancy of my home. I am never even sure whether I will be able to wield my bat when I happen to chance upon a thief. I've got nothing much for a thief to steal except for my laptop, and my home theater equipment which I purchased from hard-earned savings after two years of working double shift. I worry a lot because I am at work the whole day 6 times a week - the opportune times when most residential thieves strike. The more worried I became when I chanced upon an FBI report that says the average dollar loss per burglary offense in 2005 was $1,725 which means a thief will strike any where taking anything that catches his fancy no matter what the value is.
Here are some other worrying statistics from that FBI report:
  • A burglary takes place in the U.S. every 14.6 seconds according to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program Crime Clock.
  • Property crime makes up slightly more than three-quarters of all crime in the United States
  • Most (62.4 percent) of residential burglaries in 2005 for which time of occurrence was known took place during the day, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Among burglaries of nonresidential structures when time of occurrence was known, 58.0 percent occurred at night.
The same report said that:
81 percent of residential intrusions occur through the first floor.
  • 34 percent of burglars entered through the front door;
  • 23 percent through a first-floor window;
  • 22 percent through the back door;
  • 9 percent through the garage;
  • 4 percent entered through a basement;
  • 4 percent through an unlocked entrance;
  • 2 percent through a storage area;
Only 2 percent entered anywhere on the second floor.
A research has shown that a burglar's three worst enemies are light, time and noise, and  that if it takes more than four or five minutes to break into your home, the burglar will go elsewhere. Nine out of 10 break-ins could be prevented if homeowners took steps to "burglarproof" their homes.
If I worry a lot about my small flat and the meager belongings I have there, I am sure home owners who have acquired much more expensive belongings and have collected priceless memorabilias and other acquisitions through the years, will have a nightmare thinking about the day when a sneaky thief chances upon their valued properties.
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  1. We have a security system, a dog, and a bat. True, but in all seriousness, if I lived in a high crime area, or had really expensive stuff, I would want a security system.

  2. My security system is also a bat. Our front door has four locks. People make fun of that, but you can never be too careful.

  3. I never find complete information like this. However we always keep the security. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for this info. I also live in a ground floor area in the back of a commercial/resident building. We do have light however on through the night and a locked gate to get to our door. I do still think about it though and glad to see the tips on here.

  5. Thanks info for security system.
    BTW, I like your design template very much.

  6. We used to worry about burglaries too but have given that up of late as crime rate has dropped in our locality. I guess it depends alot upon your neighborhood etc as well.

    Anyhow informative post, and like the others, I admire your blog template too :)

  7. Great tips, and great statistics. I don't live in my own place yet but will definitely keep this in mind when I do. Do the statistics take into account apartments though?