Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pacquiao-Hatton Fight - Clear Videos

The Pacquiao vs. Hatton Fight last saturday will no doubt be remembered for a long, long while. It was a classic - with Pacquiao dealing Hatton the most humiliating loss in his career via a second round knock out victory over the much bigger but slower opponent. The story that saturday night is definitely Pacquiao's - not Hatton's. Bloggers all over the world carried the story before and after the fight.

That saturday evening, I was frantically searching the net for a free link to a live coverage of the fight. I found several and chose the sopcast feed from HBO PPV from one of my fellow bloggers. I was excited and at the same time was surpised that the fight ended so soon. Hatton definitely got a terrible beating falling like a pole axed after Manny's vaunted left hook caught him squarely on the chin. I couldn't get enough of fight, short as it is! I watched the delayed telecast on television via solar sports but the qua;ity of coverage wasn't that good. i was browsing from channel to channel but couldn't find a better video coverage than what I already saw. I decided to wait until somebody uploads the fight videos on You Tube. And sure enough, several videos were all over the net, posted on blogs, embedded from You Tube!

There was one thing I noticed though which made my heart sank a little bit. As I was going through my dashboard at my MyBlogLog account today, I clicked on the link for the growing topics which bloggers are talking about in their blogs and as expected the Pacquiao-Hatton Fight is in the number 3 spot. Amazingly, to my consternation, the topic is inappropriately labelled as "Hatton" when all the blogs it links to carries the story of Pacquiao's victory over the British pug! (Fishy and smacks of a racist bias?)

Perhaps, the site administrator innocently labeled the topic as Hatton instead of Pacquiao because he has never heard of the Pacman from the Islands! But hey, MyBlogLog is supposed to be a Yahoo service and no less than the Yahoo sports editor was all praises for the Pacman in a post fight interview. Never mind, though because I still want to savor the sweetness of victory of a my humble country man who is fast turning out to be a living legend in boxing history.

In fairness to MyBlogLog, it is through the "Hatton" topic link in their site that I got a link to a blog which posted a clearer, and better fight coverage of "The Battle of East and West"! I am posting the fight video here which I got from Sole Food. Enjoy viewing it!

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  1. Well there was no arguing with that, was there? I think Manny will go on to beat Mayweather in October now.

  2. wooooo! that was some knockout! just like you, am still loking at this over and over! short fight but great! thanks for this!