Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So You've Got A Name...Who Else Has The Same?

Have you ever wondered who else in the world has a name like yours?

I stumbled into this Names Directory site and tried to find out whether my name is included in its listings of popular names out of fun and curiosity. I merely typed my first name and I was totally surprised to see the listing included my full name...first name and last name included! I was just browsing through this site having nothing much to do for that day and lo, this fun surfing adventure made me realize there are other Richards out there with exactly the same last name as mine - and I feared that this may result into some confusion and even nasty complications later on.

Well, I guess I accidentally stumbled into some useful need for this Names Directory site!

If you are to name your baby, don't just pick it up somewhere! Make sure it is unique to avoid potential future complications and/or mistaken identity (specially with credit reporting bureaus)! Check the chosen names against this site's listings! Check whether it is included in this site's database of popular names. If they are, then avoid them! Avoid them for the baby's sake! Avoid those common names to save the baby from potentially difficult situations in the future!

Choosing a name for a baby is not as simple as it may seem. You need to realize that as the world's population grows bigger and bigger, and the chances of you giving your baby a name so common that he or she may have so many namesakes all over the globe is something we need to take into consideration at all times! The potential risk to your child can simply be enormous. For one, your child may have a namesake with a bad credit rating, even a criminal record, or any derogatory marks.

When choosing a name, make sure it is unique! Check it first against this Names Directory!


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  1. My first and last name are shared by several people, my middle name is what makes it unique. The times I have checked, there is only one of me, so far, that is probably a good thing lol.

  2. There is others with my name out there. For our daughter we gave her a unique first name and the last name is a combination of mom and dads last name with no hyphen. I am willing to bet that she is the only one out there with that last name.

  3. This was interesting. Thanks for posting the link.

  4. I thought my real name is unique but I just found out from this website that I have a couple of namesakes. Nice post!

  5. Lots of Angelikas, but no one had my last name. :-)

  6. I found my first and last name. WOW! I looked up my son's names and they are unique so far.

    I love the new template.

  7. Please don't take offense by this, but I think naming just one child "Big Daddy Richard" is rather strange. Finding others by the same name is, however, just plain creepy.

    By the way, the new look sure caught me off-guard. I kinda like it, and I don't like anything different from what I'm used to at first.

  8. Hey Richard,
    First let me comment on your new blog page. I think it's pretty unique in and of itself. This name thing is pretty interesting because when I first got on Entrecard people thought I was the famous actor Eddie Garcia. How disappointing to find out that I was just an ordinary Joe. lol No matter. At least others noticed. Picking a name for your child should be well thought out and being able to use a directory like this one will be a big help. Thanks for finding this site and sharing it with us.

    Friends 4 Life!

  9. this is the COOLEST blogspot layout!