Monday, May 25, 2009

Make A Review Of This Site And Win 10,000 EC Credits (EC Contest)

Traders' Hub's "review me" Entrecard contest has grown bigger and better. The top prize now stands at 29,000 EC's and still growing. But much more than the giveaway prizes, the value of participating in this contest is worth your time and effort as a blogger. Inspired by the success of our Entrecard Droplist, we have decided to turn this contest into another link building/networking activity. Participation in this activity allows you to link to quality sites with higher page ranks and therefore improve your chances of getting a higher page rank yourself.  You may participate in three ways now!
  • (1) As a contest advertiser (new
  • Just post the Contest Badge by copying and pasting the code below anywhere in the sidebar of  your blog for the duration of the contest. By posting the contest badge in your blog you will receive 500 EC's plus you get 10 entries to win 10,000 EC's in a raffle to be held at the end of the contest period for all the contest advertisers.( Please do not forget to inform me via a comment on this post once you have posted the badge in your blog to make your entry official.)
    • (2) As a contest participant
    • All you need to do is make an honest to goodness review of Traders' Hub and post it in your site. The review must at least be 150 words long and must contain a link to this site (paste the required code link below) plus another link to any of the contest sponsors. Once you have posted your review go over to Trader's Hub and post a comment via the comment link below the blog contest post. Please include the exact URL of your post in your comment. Every entry wins you 500 EC's automatically. The best five reviews  will be chosen by bigdaddy in consensus with the other sponsors, and the top prize will be awarded to the winner who will be chosen using The four other non-winning qualifiers will get an additional 1,000 ECs each. The contest will run until June 30, 2009. Winners will be announced on the same day.
          Blog Review
        • (3) contest sponsor
          You just need to add up at least 500 EC's to the top prize. As contest sponsor you get your badge posted in in my site as well as in the sites of the other sponsors. On top of that, a participant will be required to link to any one or all of the contest sponsors of his/her choice. To be a sponsor, simply send me an email via entrecard stating the amount of EC's you wish to sponsor.
        (Sites Where you find the contest badge.)

              CONTEST SPONSORS
              Traders' Hub  - 10,000 EC's plus all the residual prizes!
              BannerFans.comBannerFans.comBannerFans.comBannerFans.comBannerFans.comConversationsWithMoms:Every day Conversations with a Mom

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            1. Ok...I get to be the first to make a comment. I'm not big on contest; but sure could use those ec's. Can't imagine how anyone has that many in order give away that many. Impressive. A 200 word review...lord thats long. Thats twice as long as what most consider a good article (100).

              I'm having EC issues again. It seems I can post in the forum, I can apparently drop from my widget...the one you made; but I can't get to my dashboard. I'm soooooooo tired of the messes of late with ec, the changes, the stuff not working etc. And no body responds to problems which is even more frustrating.

              12 pages of problems reported with the latest drops not counting problem before anyone responded...pathetic at best.

              So, briefly I will say I like the look. I always hate the blogs, and generally don't read them when you must click on something to go somewhere else to finish the always seems obnoxious to me. It takes time and I've only done it maybe twice.

              Frustrated and irritable; but the first to comment.

              And here's another problem, getting error messages when using url and name. You type the blog url..well you start and it picks up one you've used a thousand times, then you get a message like the one I'm getting here now that reads url shoudl end in a valid domain extension, such as com or net. So you look...knowing this is your url and yes it has com and yes it's correct, you delete it and retype the exact same thing...then it goes through.

            2. Yeah, this template looks really great.
              It's cool and eye catching too.
              Have a good time with the contest.

            3. Cool beans! Check out my post on your blog at

            4. I really like this new template, it is easier on the eyes. Great idea for a contest, good luck to all who enter.

            5. Thank you for the creative offer. Getting a variety of reviews, from a variety of perspectives should prove valuable.

              The Ultimate Blogging Toolkit ( is my way of capturing the things I'm learning as a fairly new blogger. I was thrilled to be able to offer some feedback to a fellow blogger - thanks for asking.

              Here's the link to my post, reviewing The Trader's Hub:


              Good luck with the contest - and with the feedback you capture.


            6. BDR,
              This is a cool looking site! It has a bit of a personal touch. hehehe. It's a scrapbook slash magazine slash newspaper. hehehe.

              Awesome parekoy!

              Good luck with your contest, I'm sure that would be successful.

              I'll leave a message on your EC.


            7. Hey Richard,
              I had already stated that I really like this template and I'm sorry I didn't discover it first. You did good with this one my friend and I think you need to hold on to it no matter what anyone else thinks. I will look forward to your future posts my friend.

              Friends 4 Life!

            8. Hi Richard!

              I'm too lazy to write a 200 word review but I just wanted to let you know that this is an excellent template. Much better than your last two. Stick with it.

            9. Really cool template.I would like to participate in the contest.

            10. BDR,
              I am having some trouble posting the banner up. could you send it to me again? could i also get a copy of your samurai EC widget?


            11. Hi Richard,

              I havent had the chance to check your other templates other than the last one. And this is so far the better template for your blog. :) This looks like a real online diary. :)

              I will make a review of your site over the weekend and will let you know more about it here (as instructed hehe)

              Keep sharing what you have in mind. :) You have readers like me who appreciate it very much. Have a great day! :)

            12. Good job! This new design is easy on the eyes and very organized. I wish I could learn how to organiza my own lol. Kudos for all the hardwork you've been putting in here. This here is passion!
              I hope I could win this coz I'm not a pro when it comes to entrecard and networking. Ingat po!!!

              God bless...

            13. Hi Big Dad!
              I have posted a review of your blog. Here it is

              Wish me luch yeah. ;)