Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pretentious Prince and His Evil Maiden

Note: This is a re-post of the article I wrote out of anger for an ingrate last February, 2010! It was a way to vent the anger in me at that particular time. I am publishing this again as I am once more at the peak of my swirling anger and pent up emotions...not to mention the building up of my blood pressure to a high.

If you have a disrespectful, selfish ingrate for a son, I am sure you'd just as easily transform the anger and revulsion in you into a literary outburst!  This is what I wrote then...this is what I feel now!

I have long envied  entrecarders who are great writer/poets like  Jena Isle of Gewgaw Writings and Dr. Z of Zorlone. They are such good writers that I always enjoy every visit to their sites. I have always wanted to be a good writer...a superb poet like the two of them.  Unfortunately, I have not been bestowed with such fertile imagination and the gift of gab to transform thoughts and feelings into dancing, bouncing words that not only entertains but conveys vivid images of the messages their pens wish to impart!

I have been overwhelmed lately by heavy thoughts I simply can not shrug off. My temper has been rising and my blood pressure has been shooting up intermittently! So, while doing my usual rounds of Entre Drops, I came across the sites of Jena and Dr. Z again - and right then and there, I decided to try putting my thoughts into words. I initially planned to write a free verse...no rhyme, no meter nor musical patterns...I ended up writing a short story instead (or, is it?)! Anyway, whatever form this literary attempt ended up to be, I really couldn't care less...I simply enjoyed writing it ...and the experience of grasping for the appropriate words to use was simply exhilarating. Let me share with you my so-called first literary piece.

The Pretentious Prince And His Evil Maiden
 by Big Daddy Richard

He was, before he met her
A young boy prim and proper
Cuddled and cared for by overzealous grand parents
He grew up to be a spoiled and pampered serpent

He was, before he met her
A pretentious prince with hidden antlers
He lived in the dreams of  his parents moneyed past
Never really learning how in poverty now he'd bask

In silence, The Pretentious Prince had kept his disgust
For a life with his parents whose fortunes went bust
And so, when off for the main island  he finally left
To his caring mother a tale of grandeur he weft

Gifted with the wit of a father he once revered
Emboldened by the courage of a mother who cared
His quest for good fortune was not long and hard
As a good paying job, in only one year, became his reward

From some cramped and dusty dove-house-like dwelling
To a  more comfortable castle with a high ceiling
He moved his siblings and his parents to his fold
Where together they built a dream they hope someday they'll unfold

And then the unforeseen started to happen 
When into his life came, a wicked witch disguised as a maiden
The Pretentious Prince's grandiose dreams were soon forgotten
As he shifted his sights onto this evil maiden

As he tried to win the sympathy of the evil scheming witch
With concocted tales of  woes, his own family he knowingly ditched
The Pretentious Prince thought it was smart
But to the evil maiden, holding him by the neck was more of an evil art

And so, in three moons now it came to pass
The Pretentious Prince left the family aghast
With hardly enough to pay the castle rent
He left his own family in torment

When the youngest of the siblings reminded him of his promised help
The Pretentious Prince merely answered with an impish yelp
He doesn't have money  he says to help his tormented family
'Coz he had to buy feeds for pigs in his evil maiden's pigsty

The youngest sibling couldn't believe what she heard
The black soul of her pretentious brother has been bared
Lower than the pigs his regards for his own family was
Into the evil clutches of the wicked witch he had crashed

Hurting much from the unexpected betrayal
The tears of the youngest sibling were certainly not basal
At night, she would silently pray for a fairy to come
And turn the Pretentious Prince into a frog, 
Then, tear off the maiden mask of the evil witch forever!

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  2. You definitely should keep writing - this poem is very well written and thought provoking - Great Job!

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  5. It is best to put your anger down in writing. I hope it was helpful to you. It sounds like a sad situation.

  6. It is a very nice piece! You guys have talent.. I can't make it the way you guys think.. you're great! I love it!