Thursday, May 6, 2010

150 Top Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers + 10

Revised Listing For May, 2010
(Note: This list contains 150 + 10 of Entrecard's Reciprocal Droppers. This list was based on the percentage of reciprocal drops they made for the previous month. This list is revised every end of the month. Entrecarders reciprocating at least 85% of the drops I made on their widgets within a month will automatically be added in the list while those on the list failing to make the grade will be de-listed. However, it doesn't mean that I won't be returning your drops if you are not on the list, or if you have been de-listed. For as long as your widgets appear on my inbox, I will reciprocate your drops. This list serves as an aid for everyone to maximize their daily drops. )

Putting together a list of 300 Entrecard Dropaholics who are 100% reciprocal droppers have been my elusive goal for the past six months. I have been changing and revising my list every month because it seems people may be active in a month's time then suddenly hibernate the next. However, all through this time, I was able to gather a list of 150 Entrecarders who will reciprocate your drops 100% of the time. If they see your widget in their inbox, they will surely return the favor.

My quest was to come up with at least 300 of them but many of those originally listed have opted out of Entrecard while others seems to have tapered down their activities, with perhaps some even finding the "U Drop, I Follow" concept a bit out of fashion!

My list of the top 150 +10 Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers will now constitute my daily drop list. For those who have adopted my drop list in the past, you may update your lists by copying the code in the box below.

For those who wish to be part of my list, you actually need not request to be listed. I update my list every end of the month and if you regularly reciprocate my drops, I will automatically include you in the next update. If you want to be included immediately in this current listing, just drop me a comment in the comment form on this post. Once I receive your request, I will include you in the list provided you pledge to reciprocate the drops made on you daily at least 85% of the time!

Are you in this list? 
Read more and scroll down the list to find out!

  Top 150  Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers
(If you want to use this list for your drops, You may copy the code below and embed it on your blog - or you may visit Traders Hub. It will help build up your links, improve your page rank and bounce rate, as well as  increase your blog authority!)
1. Traders' Hub
2. Kutenk Business Success
3. Wines World
4. One World Realty
5. Learning Corner
6. moms...check nyo
7. Buy Tees
8. Paul Baines
9. Contemporary Urban Art
10. Cooking Japanese Style
11. The Modern Mom
12. Yummy As Can Be
13. A Simple Life
14. Mommy's Little Corner
15. Michele's Menagerie
16. Wine, Food, Travel
17. Online Success Center
18. My Kids Are My World
19. Indie T-Shirt Ratings
20. Smart Money Success
21. Go Las Vegas Baby
22. Serian Man
23. Picture To People
24. Hot Shit Form Here
25. Make Money Online With EJ Cooksey
26. Art Shout
27. Web Designers
28. Mutual Love
29. The Cooling Stream
30. The Horror Movie Show
31. Seek No More
32. Rambling Thoughts Of SM Serian
33. Singapore Playground
34. Online Social Networking
35. Your Fun Family
36. Lainy's Musings
37. Leomar's Den
38. Computer Help
39. Kapamilya Corner
40. Slightly Sarcastic
41. Orient Lodge
42. Learn How To Make Money Online
43. Gadget World
44. Doing Business
45. Random Ramblings
46. My Second Trial
47. The Ad Master
48. EZ Great Life
49. Opportunities Knock
50. In The Eyes Of The Beholder
51. The Fitness Diva
52. Small Town Mommy
53. Parent Times
54. Life Matters
55. Momspective
56. First Door On The Left
57. Making Money On Line
58. Teen Suicide Talk
59. Everything Has A Reason
60. Fledgling Blogger
61. Republic Of A
62. Beyond Left Field
63. Nesting Buddy
64. Fresh Marine Aquarium Blog
65. Urutora No Hi
66. People You Need To Know
67. Losing It - Getting Fit
68. Fact Of The Day
69. Comedy Plus
70. In This Life Of Ours
71. My Vegetable Garden
72. In My Kitchen
73. Girls Are Made of Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
74. Patsy's Words of Wisdom
75. Quantum Indonesia Translogic
76. My Careless Whispers
77. Life In My Own Backyard
78. Product Reviews Von Mir
79. Jean Squared
80. Security For Idiots
81. My Outsourced Brain
82. Football Celebs
83. Life With Roxy Metal
84. High Tech 360
85. Juliana's Bits And Pieces
86. The Erickson Looney Bin
87. Warcraft Blog
88. Our Journey To Forever
89. Leading Edge Personality
90. Golch's Central Ramblings
91. The Divine Miss Mommy
92. Wirez and Circuits
93. My Library
94. WAHM Resource Site
95. Technology And Gadget
96. Insurance Quotes
97. Beyond Feron
98. Thoughts, Ideas, Resources
99. Juliana's Lair
100. Kreated by Karen
101. Dorex Trading
102. Chatbug Karen
103. Personal Budgeting
104. Observations Of A Student
105. GPartha
106. ProtechMedia
107. Autism Help and Advice
108. Nature's Beauty and Fury In Pictures
109. Lakbay Philippines
110. PolitEkon
111. Pure and Natural Diva
112. Coming Back To Life
113. Cacai's Steps
114. Home Improvement
116. When Things Go Wrong In Pictures
117. Shepherd Family Values
118. Finance Talk
119. Online Game Stuff
120. World Travel Insurance
121. Business Points
122. Healthy Lifestyle
123. Business Finance Insurance
124. Self Improvement with SFV
125. The Sweet Life
126. Karen's Opinion
127. Zoom Profit
128. Bible Examples
129. Travelling Suitcase
130. Blogicthink
131. Pictures Of A Bygone Era
132. Deep Sea Creatures
133. Click On Portal
134. Home Improvement Advice
135. Inspirations Unlimited
136. Restnrileks
137. Still On The Verge
138. Blogging For Your Internet
139. GPS Techno Gadget
140. Reyvateilia
141. Lovely Purses
142. Micro's Blog
143. Pictures Of Despair
144. Timeless Images
145. Melissa's Homeschool Blog
146. Epicurean Health
147. Travel Tips
148. Metatrader
149. A Business Journey
150. Selfploitation Arts
151. Documentary Post
152. Sta. Lucia Realtors
153. Comics, Legends, and Lore
154. Swirling Thoughts
155. Desirable Options
156. Festival Mediarte
157. World Dream Cars
158. At Home With The Ozarks
159. Selfploitation Arts
160. Teeming With Stupidity And Weirdness

Click inside the box below, then press control + C.... then paste it to your blog.

 Top 200 Entrecard Reciprocal Droppers

If you want to embed this list to your own site,  you may get the code at Traders' Hub. Click on the link to the site.

1. Traders' Hub
2. Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide
3. Urban Art Blog
4. Seek No More
5. Lisgold
6. The Horror Movie Show
7. One World Realty
8. My Second Trial
9. Moonangelnay on Etsy>
T-Shirt Reviews
11. My Kids Are My World
12. bethere2day
13. JoeTaxpayer
14. Online Success Centre
15. Winesworld's blog
16. Professional Learning Resource Center
17. Smart Money Success
18. Singapore Playground
19. Confessions of The Fitness Diva
20. The AdMaster
21. Unofficial Chart Blog
22. Picture 2 People
23. Parent Times
24. In The Eyes Of The Beholder
25. Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog
26. Finance Investment Blog
27. Slightly Sarcastic
28. Comedy Plus
29. Fledgling Blogger
30. Jh3riz24
31. Cheapest Discount Bookstore Online
32. I Luv Norfolk/a>
Urban Art by Paul Baines
34. Cheap Graphic Design
35. Life Matters
36. Life, In My Own Backyard
37. zenbananas
38. All Stace, All the Time
39. On The Verge
40. Teen Suicide Talk
41. Contest and Promos for Pinoys!
42. Technology blog
43. Another Fine Meal
44. Michelle's Menagerie
45. Cooking Japanese Style
46. The Cooling Stream
47. Mutual Love
48. NeoBluePanther
49. Art Shout!
50. Business Blog
51. Random Ramblings
52. Lainy's Musings
53. Automotive Information
54. Technology Blog
55. Urutora no Hi
56. Leomar's Den
57. Melissas Homeschool 
58. First Door on the Left
59. gpartha
60. Daily War News Blog
61. Start a New Business
62. Computer Blog
63. Information And Knowledge
64. Information And Business Online
65. Health Information
66. Essence of woodwork
67. Dave Lucas
68. Juliana's Bits & Pieces
69. My Library
70. Health and Diabetes
71. Management and Marketing Business
72. NPB Journal
73. Things We Share
74. I'm Walking On Sunshine
75. The Mad Genealogist
76. Lakbay Philippines
77. Life With Roxxymetal
78. Computer and Internet Technology
79. Pictures Of A Bygone Era
80. Don E. Chute
81. Franchise Business Blog
82. Weird Stories
84. My Careless Whispers
85. Home Improvement and Furniture Blog
86. Health Blog
87. Healthy Living Solutions Online
88. Shine Hair Care
89. Online Social Networking
90. Doing Business
91. Beyond Left Field
92. kanashii's
93. Trading Resource
94. Melissas Jewelry and Gem Blog
95. Juliana's Lair
96. fresh 'n' marine aQuarium eStore 
97. Hair Loss Treatment
98. Agni Yoga
99. Small Business Marketing Strategy
100. Cethums Travel
101. Music News Update
102. Kreated by Karen
103. Learning How To Make Money Online
104. Losing It - Getting Fit
105. Superficial Gallery
106. fresh 'n' marine aQuarium Blog
107. Patsy's Words of Wisdom
108. Your Fun Family
109. Home Based Business Articles
110. How to make money
112. Ziqqurat
113. Hot Hot History
114. Nesting Buddy
115. water in my tank
116. Gadget World
117. Small Town Mommy
118. Documentary Post
119. Time Less Images
120. Finance Information
121. Mafia Wars
122. My Interesting Files
123. financial news
124. SFV Blog
125. Free HD Movies & Trailers
126. Web Development
127. Gay Arab Guy
128. Free Article's Directory 
129. amy lilley designs
130. Research
131. The Pond
132. Epicurean Health
133. Republic of A
134. PolitEkon
135. Software Download and Technology
136. health news
137. Planet SEO
138. Viajero Shop
139. Loft and Home Ideas
140. Chinit Fashion
141. Security for idiots and others that care
142. Femmepower
143. TehBUZZ
144. Najatskitchen
145. How to make money
146. Through The Eyes Of DJ
147. World Job Consultants
148. Article Marketing Methods
149. Best Online Info
150. The Sweet Life
151. Aeolus Research
152. Traveling Around The World
153. Self Improvement with SFV
154. Sing It Live
155. Free Blogspot BlogTemplates
156. Twelve Cups
157. Mama ASID's Pod313
158. Go Las Vegas Baby!
159. Comics Legends and Lore
160. My Opinion Counts
161. LovelyPurses
162. Dream Revealer
163. the way I see it
164. HOme and Real estate
165. Automotive News
166. Health Conditions and Diseases
167. Learn Affiliate Marketing
168. Local Brown
169. Computer and Technology
170. J5Games
171. Coffe Blog
172. Airline - Hotel - Vacation
173. Web Solutions
174. Best Acne Solutions
175. ..::AdGitizeR::..
176. Best Business And Finance Tips
177. Singapore Autism Help and Advice
178. Quantum Indonesia Translogistic
179. Home Improvement and Furniture
180. Travel and Vacation Guide
181. Healthy Living|
182. Technology
183. Business Blog
184. Entrepreneurial Success
185. Best New Info For You
186. Bare Naked Bloggers
187. Kapamilya Corner
188. Doctors Best Choice for Your Health
189. Shopherholic
190. WAHM Resource Site
191. Traveling Suitcase
192. Defeat1a: Home, Garden, Furniture and Landscaping
193. Oryx Travels
194. Apple aplication
195. Auto Insurance Calculators
196. Shopping Helps
197. The Essence of Sales and Marketing
198. My Verve's Ideas
199. Fashion and Gifts Ideas
200. Crazy Mom

I have also incorporated the above list into power drop buttons. For a change, and for the sake of those with slower internet connections, I revised each button to open up 5 sites at a time instead of the usual 10. This will make the loading faster and the task of dropping EC's a breeze!

If you wish to get the code for the power drop buttons, just send me your request!


  1. Woohoo! My three blogs are in... *winkz*.. thanks a lot BigDaddyR! Thumbs-up me.. I will be here as alwasy.. ~hugs~

  2. congrats cacai! you must be crazy doing those drops for 3 blogs! i can barely keep up with 1!

  3. Thanks so much for continuing to include me on your list! I started using your list [modified with my top droppers] about six months ago. I recently published my list, in much the same way as you, with your blog in the second position. Additionally, I gave you some link love in my post and credited you as the creator of the list. :) It is proving to be popular, so I imagine you will get some additional traffic.

    Thanks again for publishing my blog in your list. I know how much time it takes to keep your list up to date and it is much appreciated! Take care. :)

  4. Hello fetus, yep that's true! my two blogs are just recent in EC for about 2 weeks ago and now, I will crazier than ever! (lol).. yep am just seems kidding but that's true, most of the time I am hook with EC dropping, blog hopping and reading my fave blogs than posting on mine.. ooh well.. what can I do if I am hooked with ec than posting first.. waaaa.. anyhow, I have to manage my time but ec comes first.. :-)

    By the way BigDaddyR, I put this list on my 3 blogs on their sidebars. Thanks and More Power!

  5. I'm sad I'm not there anymore...

  6. Thanks Big Daddy that I'm still there... I wanted to install the power drops buttons in my site, please instruct me what to do...

    Have a nice day!:=)

  7. Hi Richard, it's really kind of you to include me in your list and this is probably a really stupid thing I am doing but I have to do it....

    Only a month into my Entrecard membership I decided I couldn't spare the time to make hundreds of drops every day, so I had to stop reciproctaing drops from my inbox and concentrate on blogs that I liked for whatever reason I like them.

    The reason I drop by your blog every day is not because I am reciprocating but because you are in my favourites list. You are there because of this post:

    I have seen an increase in the visits to my blog already I am assuming from this post as well as John's list and it's wonderful, but with it has come that pressure to reciprocate all those drops and I can't promise that. I don't want to promise that.

    Most days I will check my inbox and check the blogs of badges that are not familiar, but I'm afraid if there is nothing at all that keeps my interest beyond the click it's unlikely I'll continue to reciprocate.

    Thanks again for including me. I appreciate it very much.

  8. Thanks for including me in your drop list, as usual.

    I'm just wondering though. Everyday I visit your wonderful blog to read your new post and then drop on your widget. Yet I'm not usually included in your monthly top droppers.

    Something is wrong with Entrecard stats system.

    Anyways, I continue to drop on your site, whether or not I'm included in your top droppers list.

    Ma. Elena
    One World Realty

  9. Thanks again! This is a very good list, even better than the last ones... ;)

  10. I am honored to be included in your list

  11. I will try my best to go to your site everyday. Please include me in your list. You have a great list, good work. Thanks so much!

  12. Oops my blogs are in #69, #97 and #108. Woohoo! Am in again.. thankie BigDaddyR for the list.. :)

  13. Thank you for including me on your Drop List. I really appreciate it. ;o)

  14. Hi, I have started dropping again, I'm sorry for being week last week. I was away. I will try to be more consistent in dropping.

    Also, is it possible to get the drop buttons in my site? That's pretty nice of you to offer that, I can credit you and everything or whatever you have in mind :)

    My new site and where I will put it-

  15. Is getting the code actually possible? If not it's cool, but my e-mail is clickonportal@yahoo(.)com

    Thanks :)

  16. I made the list! AWESOME!

  17. Thank you so much for always dropping your EC on my site :)

  18. Hiya,I would also like to say thank you for coming to my blog too. Also would like to add the power buttons to my blog also, could you tell me how or what can I do? Thanks


  19. Hi could you put me on your list? Btw, in new into blogging, hope you could help me go through this scheme.. thanks.