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Using the internet to search for something you need before going out shopping or making a purchase saves you time and money. You will know exactly what you need and where to go even before you drive out of your garage door. Unfortunately, you can get lost surfing the net while making your searches. What one normally does is to Google his searches. But, alas, this too can also be  frustrating. When you want to buy a car for example, or simply want to be updated on the latest and forthcoming coming car models and features, and you Google your searches, you'd be swamped with a result listing millions of pages without any clue on where to go or where to start. And, with more and more online businesses hiring and paying for Search Engine Optimization services just to land on the first 10 pages of Google search results, one can not now be sure he will be able to surf the best sites under his search category and locate the information he wants before he finally gets bored and frustrated. More often than not, the best sites that offers the best information are buried deep in Google search page results.

One of my favorite car review site which I recommend to friends is The Car Connection. The site has a Page Rank of 5  and a 17,560 Alexa ranking  - yet, if you Google for 'new cars' the site is nowhere to be found. However, The Car Connection is also tagged under Car Reviews and Car Shows where it appears in the first pages of Google search results for both of these categories. (Read More)

If I were an ordinary consumer searching for new cars that are available in the market, I'd probably type in a search for 'new cars' which is the first thing that comes to mind on anyone wanting to get info on new cars to buy. Unfortunately, with such a search on Google, I'd be far from ending up surfing The Car Connection website! Ordinarily, very few would immediately search for 'Car Reviews' where the site appears prominently. Apparently The Car Connection Dot Com is optimized for 'Car Reviews' and 'Car Shows'. So, I'd be wasting a lot of valuable time before I finally discover this website.

Why am I recommending The Car Connection website to you?

Simple, it happens to be one of the most complete and honest car review sites in the internet and it sure would be a pity if you do not get connected to it because search engine has buried under tons of  other inferior auto information sources!  You wouldn't want to buy a lemon for a car would you?

The Car Connection has one of the most comprehensive car reviews in the blogosphere done by recognized car experts. The website is constantly updated with fresh information about any make, or type, or brand of car in the market today plus a first glimpse of what is yet to come in the auto industry!

The website goes beyond the norm to bring you the more relevant data you may need. Just recently, The Car Connection's team of car experts did a research on all the road tests made on the 2009 Nissan 370Z, the most affordable, reasonably priced sports car available today. The editors of the site have even personally driven the car to give you their first hand experience with the car. Their reviews are candid and honest in giving you both the pros and the cons about the car model.  This bottom line assessment is a regular feature of the reviews on every car model they feature. If you like Toyotas, The Car Connection has a comprehensive data base old models (2005) to the latest (2010) as well as yet to be released models (2012). Each Feature contains a full review from industry experts, a photo gallery, the trims and specs, and price quotes.

For European cars, the best rated  2009 Audi A4 gets a full lenght feature with a host of honest reviews from various auto experts sharing with us what they liked and what they don't like about the car. For those looking for a V6 type luxury sedan, The Car Connection features another bottom line review of the 2009 Nissan Maxima compares it with such models in the same class as the Pontiac G8, Dodge Charger R/T, The Toyota Avalon, the Volkswagen Passat VR6, and the yet to be released 2009 Acura TL.

If you happen to already have a preferred make or brand of new or used car and wish to get a more information before making a purchase, the website has an easy to use search bar that will help you simplify your search. It also features a classified section which showcases previously owned vehicles sold at bargain prices all over the continental USA. The Car Connection is where all your car needs can be found in a single website including car insurance and financing. You need not jump from one web page to another  to gather all the information you may require prior to a purchase.

Bookmark The Car Connection for your current or future car needs! I am sure you will find the site extremely useful.

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