Thursday, July 16, 2009

InTheRoom Is Now HITCHed With Facebook!

Itr_biggerInTheRooms is an online global recovery community specially designed for those who are in the path to recovery from any form of addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.), as well as for their family and friends.

Breaking free from any form of addiction and trekking the path to recovery can be a lonely, often difficult journey. InTheRooms   provides a 24/7 online network where those in the recovery road can find comfort among friends who had gone through the same ordeal and experiences. What better place can they seek help, advice, comfort, and counselling than from a community network of people, friends, and specialists who fully understands the loneliness and hardships that a former addict goes through in trying to break free.  InTheRooms is a social network or an online community designed not only for those in recovery but as well as for their family and friends who are concerned about their welfare and recuperation from addiction.  (Read More)
This is one online site where they can find old friends, make new ones, seek help for their own recovery efforts, ask for expert help and advice, organize their own group, and gather information to understand better the recovery process. Registered users of the site may choose the level of privacy they may wish when they participate on any of the site's activities like sharing their recovery time in total anonymity.

InTheRooms can get you started with information pertaining to any form of addiction. It can provide you with various other information resources and link you to helpful real world connections such as treatment centers, addictionologists, and interventionists. InTheRooms is meant to H.I.T.C.H. those on the road to recovery -  give Hope, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal!

The bigger news is InTheRooms has developed a Facebook application to be able to reach out more of those who may require this online site's services. Facebook is today, one of the biggest and more successful social networks having millions of members worldwide. With InTheRooms Facebook App, ITR members can now share their recovery time and experiences with their Facebook friends. This InTheRooms Facebook App also allows Facebook members to add the app in their profile and invite their friends in recovery to share their recovery time with the community. With this application, Facebook users may opt to add a box in their profile showing how much time they've had in recovery. For those wanting to protect their anonymity, they may still share their recovery time with the community without displaying this box at all.

With InTheRooms Facebook App, this online community is reaching out to those who are feeling the desperation and loneliness of breakin free from the bondage of addiction. Spread the word. Share this with everyone and anyone you know who needs consolation and advice of friends. Recovery need not be a desolate desperate path. InTheRooms will always be there for you.


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