Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So I've Made My Pitch For Gold, Time Now For Gold Made Easy!

I have made my pitch for gold in my previous post as hedge against inflation. It must be part and parcel of any of today's investment mix. There are many ways to invest in gold. You can buy gold stocks or put some money on gold futures contract. Both, unfortunately are highly speculative and involves a certain amount risk which you may not have an appetite for. The safest and surest way of investing in gold is by acquiring gold coins.

However, acquiring gold coins and other precious metals is not really that simple and can in fact be a complicated process if done without the help of an Aurum (Gold) advisor. Incorporating gold into your current investment portfolios can be a ticklish process if done alone all by your lonesome self. Choosing the right selection of gold coins to include in your gold investment mix can even be tougher task too with so many schemes and gold portfolios available in the market today. But I found an Aurum Advisor's website called "Gold Made Easy which literally makes investing on gold an easy task!  (Read More)

Take this Gold Made Easy product portfolio features for example. They have formulated for you a mix of portfolio that suits your specific needs.

They have a Personal Security Package priced at only $2,500 per set and consists of a selection of precious metals which are easily convertible to cash can be used in times of emergencies. This is a logical alternative to savings banks. You can stash away your current and future savings safer and more secure from the spill off effects of the current financial crisis on our currency on this portfolio. And if you are a budding investor who have saved a few precious dollars for the rainy days, this would be an excellent savings alternative.

They have a Family Security Package which is basically the same as the Personal Security Package but comes with a higher value of $10,000 per package. It has more precious metals easily convertible to cash which you can tap in case of family emergencies.

Then, they have the Collector's Portfolio Package which comes at $25,000 per package for the more speculative start-up gold investor who'd want a collection of coins with a high degree of  profit potential. You'll be briefed on the exact make-up of the collection by Gold Made Easy specialists to make sure it suits your specific requirement.

For those who'd like to diversify their current investment portfolio, GME has The Precious Metals Acquisition Portfolio which comes in values of $50,000 per package. This package is a collection of coins that will ensure stability and growth of your investments during these troubled times. This package is a must-add to your current investment mix as a perfect hedge against inflation.

GME also has the Retirement Portfolio with values of $100,000 per package. GME specialist will help you purchase a collection of coins that offers the best returns with minimal risks for individuals who'd like to stash away their savings for a  certain lenght of time they may want to access their investments in the future. Gold is fast becoming the best alternative placement for your IRA, 401K, 403B, and pension plans.

Finally, Gold made Easy has its Aurum Wealth Portfolio for high net worth individuals. Valued at $250,000 per package, this portfolio is tailored to meet the investor's requirement for stability, maximum grrowth potential and long term wealth.

Whether you are a high end individual whose financial objective is to preserve and ensure growth of your wealth and your networth, or a savvy investor looking to hedge your current holdings against inflation, or an ordinary individual simply wanting to protect the value of your savings and/or retirement fund, gold offers the best investment alternative for you at this point in time. And, Gold Made Easy can make the task of building a gold portfolio easy for you. Visit their website or better still call at their office when you get the chance.

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Find out more why gold and precious metal are a good acquisition. Visit Gold Made Easy - The easy, expert way to acquire gold! If it is gold, it must be Gold Made Easy.
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