Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ted Murphy's Quick Response To My Post On Entrecard and His CPC ad!

Less than an hour after I posted my "Guess Who I Saw In My Entrecard Drop Inbox?", I received a comment from the big man himself! -A great honor for me!

Here's what Ted has to say!
"For the record I am not a member of entrecard.

It seems like someone is using our CPC ads inside of the entrecard system to generate clicks. We will figure out who and deal with them accordingly."
I didn't think Ted or IZEA would really have anything to do with it. Ted's stature and commanding figure in the industry as a dyed in the blood blogger and as an outstanding social network advertising pioneer and innovator is incomparable.
I am glad he will go down to the bottom of this issue! My best regards to Ted. I sure hope you will catch the culprit.

By the way, I re-checked my EC drop inbox and saw both banners still in my March 1, 2009 inbox. So, if the Entrecard administrators are just as concerned, they can go to my inbox and trace who the hack is!

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  1. It really stinks when someone takes advantage of a good thing. They will never stop figuring out ways to spam and scam folks to make a quick buck on the internet. For shame!

    I'm glad everything was cleared up with Ted. Good thing he read your post and cleared up the confusion, at least where his reputation is concerned.

    I hope they figure out what's up.

  2. Yeah sure you can just as long as you like to my blog and thank you for the comment I also dropped on you.

  3. That is actually funny and something my poor old mind would never have thought of. It amazes me the way people sit around and think up ways to scam the system.

  4. It's a crying shame when you can't pull traffic to your site through your own merit. How low will people stoop to get ahead? Makes one truly wonder about humankind! I thankful that there are still at least a few that are honest and have integrity.

    Friends 4 Life!
    Eddie Garcia