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With people tightening up on their budgets because of the current economic crunch, shoppers are left with no better choice than to "let their mouse do the walking" and shop online!

Online shopping is today, turning out to be the logical, economical, and most convenient way of procuring your household needs. You will save on fuel costs since you do your online shopping without leaving the comforts of your homes. No more irritating waits at the end of long queues of busy store counters! No more hopping around from one shop to another or from one mall to the other! You can even take your sweetest time browsing through different products without pesky sales ladies pressuring you to make the purchases! Yup, this is what online shopping is all about - convenient, comfortable, and it's tops!

But hey, how do you go about doing your shopping online? Do you Google it? Or, do you go to your favorite online shops or visit the most popular sites?

With Easter just a few weeks away, you probably must be looking for gift ideas for your love ones by now! Since Google has the most comprehensive listing of anything and everything in the web, you'll more than likely 'google' your search! But guess what, if you google something like "gift ideas for Easter", you will end up with 2,260,000 links which will send you into a seemingly endless trek of hopping from one website to another until a product catches your fancies! Of course you can fine tune your search to limit the results! But, the very reason you are googling your search is because you have no idea of what gift to search for in the first place! So how can you even limit your search? Of course, you can always go to some popular online shops, but then again, the choices may be limited to whatever they have on stock and whatever their affiliates are selling - which you may not even find to your liking - and sends you into another wild goose chase for a product that is to your liking.

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There is now a better way of doing your online shopping.You can now do your online shopping thru ShopWiki.com! ShopWiki crawls the entire worldwide web the same way Google does to find every available site. This means you can find everything and anything that is for sale on the web at ShopWiki. Of course, the easiest way to find something on the web is to google it, but if you want a more relevant search result for any product on sale in the web that is taylor-fitted to your specific needs, then you must "shopwiki" it.

Shopwiki.com is an online directory of anything that is for sale in the web just as Wikipedia is a directory of articles on almost all subjects written and published in the web. If Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia covering practically any web published topic of discussion, Shopwiki.com is the online shopping encyclopedia of everything that is for sale in the blogosphere. As with any other wiki, Shopwiki.com is a collection of collaborative websites and serves as an online database of everything that is sold in the entire web.

But much more than being an online directory, Shopwiki.com makes online shopping fun and convenient. For example, if you want to go shopping online for Easter gifts but don't have any idea what to look for, Shopwiki.com has the ShopWiki Gift Guides which helps you source and taylor-fit your gift choices according to either who your gift recipients are or, what gifts best suits the occassion. Your choices are even fined tuned further more by ShopWiki Gift Guides. For instance, if your recipient happens to be a woman and you click on the appropriate category (Gifts For Women), it will link you to a page where the gift products are further broken down into smaller categories more descriptive of and more suitable to your recipient's personality, such as Fashionista (if she is a fashion buff), Animal Lover (if she happens to adore pets), Artiste (if she is an art enthusiast), Beauty and Spa ( if she is forever concious of her looks), College Student ( if the recipient is still in school), and much much more. The ShopWiki Gift Guide helps you choose the best gift befitting your recipient to the tee with exceptionally great ease.

You can also narrow down your search for gift items to fit a particular occasion. With Easter just around the corner, you can use ShopWiki.com to narrow down your gift choices to the "Happy Easter" Gifts.

Unlike other online shopping directories which limits their product choices only to the products sold by their affiliates, ShopWiki.com lists and links everything and anything that is for sale in the web. A click on any of the products in this site will pop out links to all the available sites in the net that is selling the same product. The choice of which shop to patronize is always totally yours. One other great feature of the site is the price snippet which pops up when you mouse over a particular product, giving you a list of the best available prices of the product you are searching plus the links to the sites offering them. Cool, indeed!

ShopWiki.com is also a resource center for product guides, tips and tricks, and a lot more...all related to the products listed in the site.

You can kiss your worries goodbye when you want to go online shopping. There is only one place to go to find the product you are looking for. You need not spend precious time surfing through different online shops just to canvass the best prices available in the net. ShopWiki will do that for you.

Online shopping?  ShopWiki it!

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  1. This post, like all the others, is very well written with great information as to how to use this wonderful shopping experience. I will have to give it a try very soon. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention.

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  3. i like shoping..

    shopwiki the best

  4. thnks for information abaout shopwiki.

  5. lets go shop in shopwiki.

  6. A shopping database? That sounds really interesting. I always like comparing prices at different stores online and offline to make sure I'm getting the best deal. Shopwiki sounds great, and I'll have to check it out.

    Another thing to do would be to check shopwiki and then call your local stores and ask them how much they're selling them for to see if it'll be a better deal to go and pick it up or ship it. Don't forget you do have to pay shipping, and depending on how far you are from a local store, that could cost you more than the gas it takes to get you there.