Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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I usually do my daily round of entrecard droppings by browsing through all ec droppers from my own drop inbox - but guess what I saw today! - Ted Murphy's banner plus another banner from Sea World Adventure Parks.

Ted Murphy is the head honcho of IZEA, Pay per Post, and Social Sparks, of which I am a member, and for which I have written some of my most recent posts. I know for a fact that Ted's IZEA is running a campaign for Sea World via CPC ads that gives a payout of $0.11 per click among members of Social Sparks who subscribe to this affiliate opportunity.

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I was bewildered by what I was seeing! The head honcho of IZEA has an entrecard account? I didn't suspect anything was wrong at first. I went on and clicked the banner - and what cameout was Ted's IZEA campaign page for Sea World entitled Manta Mania 3. The very same campaign page the html of which is required to be pasted on the blog of any one who subscribes to the cpc ad campaign! There was another banner by Sea World. I saw the SeaWorld banner yesterday but I couldn't find an entrecard box on its site so I just ignored it. Today was different. I saw Ted's banner side by side with the Sea World Dolphin Bubbles banner!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! As I continued my ec drops, I backtracked to my past day's drop pages and lo and behold, I saw the two banners two times more! I sensed now that something is really amiss! Why? Well, everyday, I religiously do my daily drops and scan my drops inbox regularly.... but I swear those two banners were not there together yesterday! How can they both be there now?!?!

I shrugged it off for a while and continued to finish my 300 max daily ec drops.

Since the other day, I wanted to write about my own Entrecard experiences to guide new EC members in another social network community I belong to. In preparation for the post, I went back to my dashboard to check on Ted's banner in my inbox again. I was thinking then that if it was true that Ted is an EC member, it is a big compliment to the whole EC community and so I must include it in my post! Ted using EC for his ads? Unbelievable indeed, and I thought this will be a scoop!

But hey, another surprize hit me again!

The two banners I saw earlier today totally disappeared from my inbox! Amazing!

Cheap trick? Cheap shot? Well, this is really, really a cheap shot and utterly unethical! But by who? Ted Murphy hacking in to Entrecard's system via html pages pasted by EC members on their blogs? By EC administrators wanting to use the EC network for a few cents worth of ad clicks? Or, by an accomplished hack who is also a member of both Entrecard and Social Sparks?

Whoever it is who did this is a pretty good hack, what he has done is so unpardonably demeaning to every honest blogger, and reflects the pigsty level of this hack's moral values.( I just have this to say to whoever did this - Earn your keeps the honest way!)

If there are other EC members who encountered the same experience I have, please do drop me a comment or two. It will be good to find out how extensive this hack's operation has been.

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  1. For the record I am not a member of entrecard.

    It seems like someone is using our CPC ads inside of the entrecard system to generate clicks. We will figure out who and deal with them accordingly.

  2. I read your other post about clarification first. He did comment on your blog.