Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dedicated hosting services have become the established option for the more serious businesses seeking to improve their production efficiencies, increase cash flow benefits and extend their business reach beyond borders. Unlike in-house servers, dedicated hosting services requires less up-front investments and can even be implemented in different stages to suit your specific budget and application requirements.

However, choosing the most suitable hosting service provider can be a cumbersome task since not all dedicated hosting service providers are created equal. They may offer perks which maybe similar in many ways such as the memory, storage, bandwidth, network uptime, and pricing schemes, but they will definitely differ in the more vital collateral services each one of them uniquely provides. One hosting service provider which I believe stands out from the rest because of a unique benefit they offer their clients is Robson Communications Inc.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Robson Communications Inc.  is the leader in providing web hosted solutions backed by only the very best in customer service and support for your business. Formerly known as Radial Hosting Inc (since 2004), Robson Communications Inc has  expanded in services and solutions for their clients. Robson is dedicated to making sure each client not only gets the IT solution they need but also the same value as if they have their own personal IT staff.. But more importantly, with all their data centers located in Canada, client information and data are safe from government access and does not fall under the encompassing US Patriot Act  (which carries provisions allowing for the disclosure of electronic communications to law enforcement agencies).

 Robson Communications Inc. boosts of providing the following superior benefits to their clients -

The services they provide include:

Enterprise and affordable Dell, Sun, and HP servers from $98 Canadian

A cost-effective solution to running an in-house Microsoft Exchange server
through A Secured Managed Exchange Hosting service. 

  Robson Communications Inc. also offers (SAS) Software As A Service for your payroll and accounting needs

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee,  Robson Communications Inc.  ensures a 100% customer satisfaction! Whether you are Canadian based or not (but specially if you are), with a 98% client retention rating, surely you can't go wrong in choosing Robson for your preferred hosting service provider. Naaahhh, don't just take my word for it. Contact them now for any question you may have. Here are their contact details:

Head Office: bullet 302-3999 Henning Dr. Burnaby, BC  V5C 6N5
Toll Free bullet 1-877-472-3425
Better still, visit their website and chat online with their customer service representative!



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