Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Financial Cushion And Safety Net For Cash Strapped Plaintiffs

People are often stymied to file legal claims and seek judicial remedies in court due to the financial burden it entails. If you are an accident victim for example, hiring a lawyer can be very expensive (although it can sometimes be dealt with in contingency). However, a prolonged litigation can be truly burdensome because bills will start to accumulate; potential eviction or possible foreclosure of properties resulting from non-payment of mortgages has to be addressed; and lack of food on the table for the accident victims and their families can not be set aside even temporarily.

But don't lose heart. There is now an emerging financial trend In the U.S. Justice system called Legal Funding (Lawsuit Funding)! Legal funding is cash funding made directly available to the plaintiff before his/her lawsuit comes to its final settlement. Legal funding is the ultimate marketplace solution for attorneys and their cash-strapped clients as it provides risk free funding at the time they most need it.

One of the fastest growing company that offers lawsuit funding or cash advance for lawsuits is Orchard Funding.

Orchard Funding offers non-recourse cash advance for your lawsuit which means you only pay them back if you win the case. Ergo, you pay nothing if your case loses!

While an unsecured loan from a lender needs to be paid back at a certain time in the future and often requires monthly payments, lawsuit funding by Orchard is totally different because repayment by the plaintiff is only necessary should the case settle. Should the case lose, plaintiff need not repay the cash advance. The cash advance can be used by plaintiff to cover bills like rent or mortgage payments, legal expenses, surgical expenses, medical bills and more importantly to put food on the table for the family.

If you have filed a lawsuit or are about to and have a lawyer, then you may be eligible for a lawsuit funding. The process is quick and simple. Visit their  website at Orchard Funding  and simply complete their Quick Start Form. Right the next day after receiving your completed form, they will review your case, a process which will only take one week. And should your case qualify and is approved for lawsuit funding, you will receive your funds within 24 hours. You may also apply by calling their toll free number at 800-845-0545.

The types of cases that qualify for lawsuit funding  with  Orchard are Personal Injury and Plaintiff Funding Cases which includes Assault and Battery, Bicycle Accident, Burn Injuries,Ceiling Collapses,Defective Products,Dog Bite,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Motorcycle Accidents,Police Misconduct, Product Liability, Premises Liability, Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall, Soft Tissue Cases, Swimming Pool Accidents, Wrongful Arrest/ Wrongful Imprisonment, andWork Site Accidents;
Employment Funding Cases which includes Age Discrimination, Back Wages, Employment Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, Labor Law, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Benefits Protection, Whistleblower Protection, Wrongful Termination; and
Medical and Malpractice Funding Cases which include Birth Injury, Delay in Diagnosis, Failure to Diagnose, Medication Errors, Wrongful Death, and Worker's Compensation Funding Cases.

If you have filed any of these cases, contact Orchard Funding for whatever funding needs you may have relative to the litigation process. With ready funds to answer any and all contingencies, you and your lawyer can now attend to your case with freedom and objectivity - even if you are up against a corporate giant with 'deep pockets'.

Cambridge Management Group, LLC or CMG is Orchard Funding, LLC's exclusive underwriting partner and source of funding. CMG is a founding member of ALFA, the American Legal Finance Association. ALFA is a not-for-profit corporation that has established the standards for the Legal Funding industry including transaction transparency and disclosure to consumers. ALFA member companies provide non-recourse cash advances to plaintiff's while their lawsuit is waiting for settlement or resolution. 

Don't hesitate! Orchard Funding can help fund your lawsuit with no risk to you.  Visit their website or call their toll free number now!



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