Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Would you have voted him to office if he had looked like this?

Would you have hired a loser like the guy below for your company?

Would you promote a guy like this to your elite corporate staff?

Obviously, the answers would have been resounding no's to all three questions!

A person's grooming creates a lasting 'first' impression on anyone and everyone you come in contact with. It reflects your sense of values. It tells people that 'you matter'! It sends them a message that you really took time to look good; that you made every effort to complete your picture. Good grooming is a result of childhood influences, daily habit, comfort, convenience, etc. and ultimately, it is a total reflection of who you are!

Male grooming is not about being vane. It is no longer a thing of the future. It is now essentially a major part of dressing for success - An important prerequisite to landing a good job, or creating that edge to corner a much awaited promotion in your company.

Results from a recent survey of more than 500 HR professionals—commissioned by Gillette® [PG] and conducted by Harris Interactive®—indicate that 84% of HR professionals agree that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well-groomed. When it comes to first impressions, ninety percent of HR professionals place more importance on being well-groomed than even a firm handshake. (Gillette Press Release, 9/14/2009)

Lose no hope! You need not worry anymore that you might smell like a sweaty horse in front of your recruiting officer. has launched Gillette Career Advantage specially for you. The site provides expert grooming advice from Mark Jeffries , GQ style correspondent who discusses vital grooming topics such as morning rituals, hair, etiquette, clothing tips, body language, and many more. The site also provides valuable tips on how to get hired from Mark Jeffries, business consultant, communications expert and author of the best-selling book, What’s up with your handshake? who was hired by Gillette specifically for this project. Mark's valuable discussions include "How to Rise Above Competition", "First Impression", and a whole kaboodle of useful tips!

The website features links to other helpful resources through its Gillette Resource Center which serves as a gateway to 'all the best that a man can get'.

Whether you are currently actively seeking a new job or you are someone who is currently employed but wants to develop a competitive advantage, Gillette Career Advantage is the best site for you to visit.

While there, sign up and be member to get the latest tips tools and offers from Gillette!

Do it now. Remember what the survey says: "Almost two-thirds of HR professionals surveyed believe that a candidate’s physical appearance is important in distinguishing them from other job candidates, and more than 90% agree that a candidate who takes the time to be well-groomed projects confidence. On the other hand, when a candidate arrives unkempt for a job interview, HR professionals conclude he shows a lack of professionalism and more than half believe he is not interested in the position."


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