Friday, February 26, 2010

In The Latest Pulse Asia Survey: "Ooppss, Your slip Is Showing!"

The latest survey released by Pulse Asia to the media not only smacks of malicious intent to bend public sentiment towards a favored candidate, -  it also proved what everybody else has long suspected....that they too have been bought by Villar!

The survey results on trust ratings of presidential and vice presidential candidates released by Pulse Asia just recently, shows Villar having a higher trust rating of 70% than Aquino's 64%.  As usual, the news wires immediately gobbled up the survey and prominently headlined the results. Coming as it is after the stormy sessions on the senate floor surrounding the C-5 issue, the proud candidate Villar did not waste time to immediately declare that the survey results only goes to show that people don't believe he is guilty of the charges being leveled against him by fellow senators.

What a guile, preposterous monster! .... Having the nerve to exonerate himself from the C5 controversy on the basis of an apparently paid survey!

First of all, the survey was conducted from January 22 to 26, 2010. It must be pointed out here that Senator Enrile made public the report of the Senate Committee of the Whole on the C5 issue only on January 25, 2006. His revelation of Villar's attempt to bribe him to kill the report of the Senate Committee of the Whole came on January 27, 2010. Both of which were highly publicized in both print, television and radio. In short, the effect of these two major developments that directly impacts the C5 issue  were evidently not considered in this particular survey. The ensuing public sentiment after those two major developments mentioned were all important and should have been the basis of the latest survey on trust ratings -  if one is to gauge the real sentiment of the people.

With malicious intent however,  Villar's camp and Pulse Asia released the survey results only this week, almost 30 days after it was conducted!... Obviously to create a different image of the people's perception about the C5 issue, - and make it appear that people think Villar is innocent of the charges being hurled against him!

What is most concerning is the fact that Pulse Asia, and most probably even SWS, allow themselves to be used by scheming, manipulative politicians like Villar for a price! With billions to spend for his do or die run for presidency, Villar must have given them offers they can't refuse!

There are also many other interesting points that their surveys are trying to embed on the voters' minds! For one, it was consistent in projecting that in all surveys, Mar Roxas is consistently gaining against his opponents while Aquino is declining! To me, this is a clear attempt to drive a wedge between Aquino and Roxas in the hope that an ensuing rift will derail their campaign efforts!

Another point they are so keen to debunk with their so-called surveys, is the prevailing perception that Cory's magic might rub off to Noynoy and help him win!

Who else would want to know how the people's affection for Noynoy's mother will affect the May elections but Villar? Who else could commission a survey just and alter the results to show that Cory lovers are not automatic Noynoy voters? What a cheap shot indeed!...Old tricks of 'trapos' if I may add!

With Bong Bong Marcos in his senatorial line up, he now professes that he is open to a hero's burial for the late dictator! But ahhh, not after they came out with another survey the results of which showed that the former dictator Marcos is significantly listed second to Cory among the country's past leaders who are respected and revered to this day! (Unbelievable!)

Villar and his henchmen are playing it dirty! His most famous celebrity endorser Willie Revillame, in flagrant violation of the Fair Elections act, used his popular noontime show to hoodwink viewers into coming to a  free rock concert  at the Mall of Asia grounds - which turned out to be a Villar Campaign sortie!  Of course, they now say no campaign speeches were made and none of the candidates went up the stage, but the whole Nacionalista ticket was there for everyone in attendance to see! Prominently displayed also was a huge attractive sign which says "Rockatropa Concert by Villar". Again, they have an excuse for that saying that the concert was organized by his daughter Camille Villar and his two sons. The free concert was apparently to steal the limelight away from the People Power Celebrations in EDSA and block Noynoy's camp from capitalizing on this momentous event!

They are probably laughing their hearts out by now because of the big crowd turn-out they were able to gather. In fact,  Revillame, again in his noon time show the day after, even boasted that according to Mall Of Asia authorities, this is the biggest crowd ever to gather in that venue. (Of course it must be, stupid ass! It is not only a free concert, they also had a pletoria of the most expensive and most popular bands in the country!) ... not to mention the fact that  Revillame even mentioned there will be gifts to be given out during the concert! ...(Let us not forget that his Wowowee show attracts crowds of people who out of desperation to change their sorry plight, line up for the said show hoping to win or gain prizes and giveaways regularly handed out by Willie to his lucky contestants!)  Cheap shot, indeed!

Villar's entire campaign has been froth with lies, deceptions, and manipulation. When you go and cast your votes come election time, do not forget how this man had gone to all extent to twist, manipulate, and influence our decisions in whatever deceptive means he can! Let us not forget that he is so desperate to become president so he can cover up and escape prosecution for the many misdeeds he has commited!

Vote anyone but Villar!
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