Sunday, February 28, 2010

People Power is Vote Power!

For those who failed to join Noynoy at Araneta last thursday, February 25, 2010, I am posting this video for you to watch and enjoy! Note the big difference between the Araneta Center crowd and the crowd at Villar's free concert at the Mall of Asia held on the same day! (If you prefer to watch the video at YouTube, here's the link -

What's The Big Difference?

A lot!

The Villar camp boasts that the crowd turn out at their concert was a record breaking 120,000! While this may be true, they were there for different reasons other than to show support for candidate Villar!

The crowd at MOA were there enticed by cheap gimmickry concocted by the manipulative Villar Camp! 

They were there to watch for free the most popular, and highly paid rock bands in the country who incidentally rarely appear for free in public performances...the free concert offered people a rare chance to see their favorite rock bands for free! Held in the largest mall in Asia, the free concert also attracted a large number of the holiday promenaders and mall shoppers, - naturally! There were also those who went there lured by empty promises of give aways, gifts, and scholarships that they announced would be handed out during the concert! - A promise made by the concert host and known Villar endorser Willie Revillame during his popular noontime show Wowowee (And, if I may add, - in flagrant violation of the Fair Election Act!). Unknown to the concert-goers, the scholarships handed out that night were (according to Villar's own spokesman and top lapdog Gilbert Remulla) scholarships which were awarded long before  the campaign period began. The awarding done at the concert was merely ceremonial, according to him!    

What a cheap trick indeed, playing on the sorry plight of his own countrymen just for the opportunity to shake the hands of unsuspecting voters and feed their hopes with empty promises!

The crowd at Araneta on the same day may be less in numbers, but they did fill the coliseum to the rafters, while others who could not be accommodated inside the venue held a simultaneous gathering outside and turned the whole Araneta Center yellow! More important than the numbers, everyone who was there came to show their unwavering support for Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas tandem as well as for the rest of the Liberal Party's senatorial slate! Everyone who was there is a die-hard fanatic for real change in the country! Everyone who was there came to pledge their undivided loyalty to Noynoy's Yellow Army! Everyone who was there came with a promise to multiply a hundred fold their votes for the Liberal Party's standard bearer!
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