Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Top Entrecard Droppers For November

A big thanks to all those who have dropped their cards on Traders' Hub. This time around, instead of rewarding only 20 of my monthly top droppers, I am increasing it to thirty because for this month, 30 carders did not miss a single day to drop their cards on my blog. I know they do not expect any form of reward for what they did, but for whatever it is worth, I am sending each one of them 500 EC's each as a token of my appreciation.

They are all dyed-in-the-blood drop-a-holics. Include them in your daily droplist and they will surely reciprocate every visit you make on their blogs!

(Find out who they are here.)

(Note: All website valuations courtesy Website worth calculator)

Cooking Japanese Style
Meta Description: Learn how to Cook Japanese Home Cook Recipes and Japanese Foods, an easy to follow Steps. For your Family and friends will have fun cooking and eating Japanese Home Cooked Meals.
Meta Keywords: Japanese Cooking, Japanese Recipes, Japanese Foods, Cooking Japanese, Japanese Cooking Blog, Japanese Recipe, Japanese Food
This blog is worth $14,361!

 Business Sphere 
A blog on business advice, entrepreneurship ideas and consulting for business.
Meta Description: Business Advice, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Real Estate

This blog is worth: $22, 864

 share free tutorial
blog about free share tutorial software computer hardware computer and internet
Keywords: rapidshare,free tempalate,internet,computers,internet,microsoft,codes,nokia

 This blog is worth $5,543

Mommy's Little Corner
A blog that talks about my adventures of being a wife and a mom. This blog also focuses on food, nutrition and health. 

This blog is worth $9,962.

Art By Paul Baines
Contemporary prints and arts blog by UK urban artist Paul Baines.
Meta Description: PaulBaines.co.uk up and coming street artist with Banksy inspired art, this is iconic art as an investment
Meta Keywords: buy street art, banksy, banksy inspired art, pop culture paintings, buy underground art, graffiti inspired art, buy art, buy modern art, iconic art, new iconic art, buy original artwork, stylish art, vector art, buy vector art, art as an investment, buy in
This blog is worth $20,799.
Life's sweets and spices
A work-at-home-mommy who loves to cook, bake and read. A frustrated chef, now a dedicated blogger. Blogging makes me happy and this is where I share my thoughts, ideas, [sometimes] feelings, my love for food and then some…

This blog is worth $9,919.
The Modern Mom
From stretching the family budget to diy's, smart solutions and more.Being a wonder mom is now no sweat with all these wonderful alternatives.

This blog is worth $9,770.
Buy-Tees.net T-Shirts
Meta Description: T-Shirts, T-Shirt designers, and a UK perspective on the latest and greatest T-Shirts.
Meta Keywords: T-Shirts, T-Shirt designers, t-shirt reviews, UK t-shirts, funny t shirts, latest T-Shirts.

This blog is worth $16, 602.
A Simple Life
A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites.

This blog is worth $ 14,755.
I’m a mom and a wife to picky eaters which prompted me to search for yummy and healthy recipes, and modify so my family can enjoy them.

This blog is worth $8,057.

moms..... check nyo
I’m a 40ish year old mom of two. I love to bake, cook, plant herbs (in pots cause i don’t have a garden), cross stitching, hardanger embroidery, bowling and just like any typical pinay moms i love watching telenovelas.

This blog is worth  $9,894.

Top Jokes 
compiled funny videos, jokes, and pictures. 

This blog is worth $6,500.

body health information
 blog about body health information cancer,health,fittnes

This blog is worth $ 4,800.
Spy Camera Shop
Spy,camera,shop,bisnis,marketing,make money,money making
Selling camera spy, clock spy and etc.

This blog is worth $2, 441.

Online Social Networking
Meta Description: Marketing Strategies, Techniques, Analytics and Best Practices for Building Your Audience and Reputation on the Web.
Meta Keywords: online social networking, online social networks, business networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, web marketing, web presence, most popular social networking sites, how to start a blog

This blog is worth $20,364.

Art Shout
Art Shout Photo Blog - Art To Rock Your World

This blog is worth $12,083.

First Time
Mixed Bag
(No reviews so far.)

This blog is worth $6,746.

Meta Description: furniture, bathroom, bedroom, and all about your home improvement
Meta Keywords: furniture, bathroom, bedroom

This blog is worth $2,301.


Mixed bag.
(No reviews so far.)

 This blog is worth $7,059.

Akila's Blog

No site review available.
No current site valuation.

Picture to People
Free Professional Computer Graphics Effects
Researches about Computer Graphics. New free software for graphics. Hot free graphic effects.

This blog is worth $12,090.

Rebellious Arab Girl
I'm an Arab, hear me roar!
Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values.

This blog is worth $19,290.

One World Realty
real estate and realty blog
a blog on real estate, investment tips on realty, business advice on real estate and everything about real estate services in the Philippines

This blog is worth $6,332.

anns snap edit scrap
digi scrap, photography, photo editing, freebies
mixed bag of my digital photography, photo editing, digi scrap designs, freebies and rambling about life

This blog is worth $16,088.

Pure Natural Diva
Meta Description: Greener living without giving up style and performance. Whole living with ease.
Meta Keywords: organic, skincare, healthy, beauty, reviews, giveaways, green, information, recipes, whole living 

This blog is worth $13,500.

Serian Man
Serian, Sarawak
Some thoughts on teaching and the exploration of the land of the hornbills, my beloved Sarawak, on the island of Borneo.

This blog is worth $15,310.

Putting words to my thoughts...
The mumblings of a temperamental girl about life and all its interesting bits and pieces...

This blog is worth $12,437.

Fledgling Blogger
Only LOVE can work wonders.
Awesome blogging experience!

This blog is worth $18,204.

Random Ramblings
Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.

This blog is worth $ 16,414.

Meta Description: VanillaSeven dot com; Photography -
Meta Keywords: Art, Books, Design, Event, Flowers, Graphic, Landscape, Nature, News, Object, Others, People, Products, Reading Menu

This blog is worth $23,166.
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  1. I just tried the Website worth calculator and my site only worth $11k.

    Anyone want it buy it over for $5k? ..... kidding.

  2. Thank you so much for the thank you! How do you find the site value calculator? Makes me feel like all my work has value!

  3. Thanks a lot!

    Wow! I have been in your top droppers list for a few months now and never missed a day. :D

    I love your idea of putting the website calculator. I just realized the worth of my effort!


    Fledgling Blogger

  4. I love your human letters, they're awesome!

  5. Thanks for including my blog in your list of Top droppers for November 2009. It's an honor. I also appreciate your 500ec gift.

    But as I've been saying, even without your list and the 500ec gift, I would still visit your site daily and drop on your widget, because you have a great blog, full of interesting info.

    By the way, the logo/image appearing in your list is not my blog's logo/image. It might be that of another blog but not mine.

    Eli @ Business Sphere