Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cashing In On Twitter With Twitter Hawk!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TwitterHawk. All opinions are 100% mine.


"Twitterlings"  is what Businessweek collectively call the flock of new companies who are benefiting from the rapid growth of the phenomenal Twitter, the uniquely popular micro blogging platform. These companies create third party applications using Twitter's public api's and codes to build tools that help people search, organize, or otherwise make better use of the millions of brief messages known as tweets sent over Twitter each day.

One of these fast rising  'Twitterlings" is TwitterHawk - Social Media Marketing which was launched not too long ago. TwitterHawk is a real time targeted marketing engine. What it does is to find people who are currently 'tweeting' now about a specific topic or keyword that the TwitterHawk user has pre-specified. And it will even search for users located in the particular place which the same user has preset. TwitterHawk searches other people's tweets for those specific words. Once matches are found, the TwitterHawk user can now send personalized responses to them, or he can opt to send previously drafted responses set to automatically send once matches are found.

As a marketing tool,  TwitterHawk   is the most effective tool which you can use to tap the vast potential that Twitter's ever growing membership has to offer. (Twitter reached 350 million users just recently.) With TwitterHawk, you can target specific users in specific areas and send them promotional leads, product info, etc. when they need it (real time). With TwitterHawk, you will be able to zero in on a targeted marketing niche without a sweat.

For bloggers, TwitterHawk can be used to effectively promote their blogs and increase their readership and following. Here is an example of how it was used by Twitterer 'LiveCrunch':

Here are few ideas I use TwitHawk for:

Branding my blog:

I target keyword “What is the best tech (technology) blog” – My answers
  • “ is one of the best technology blogs
  • “You should checkout I post about technology every day”
  • etc…
Targeting specific audience:
I target keyword: “What is the best antivirus software” – My answers:
  • “Not to long ago I posted about best 2009 Antivirus Software here “
  • “How about 5 best antivirus software?”

Logo_on_whiteUsing TwitterHawk, you can engage other Twitterers on real time by giving them something they are looking for. In the process, you are able to generate traffic to your blog posts or to the products you are promoting. Businesses can use it to increase patronage for their businesses; networking affiliates may use it to increase their following; and it goes on and on. The possibilities of TwitterHawk usage is as vast and varied as the increasingly growing membership of Twitter itself. With TwitterHawk, you can even extend the marketing reach of your business to a global scope without spending a fortune.

And here's the best deal TwitterHawk has to offer - You can sign up for free and get ten credits for free! New users receive 10 free credits on signup. After that each credit must be purchased in advance in packs at the tidy sum of 5 cents per tweet.

As a TwitterHawk user, look at what you'll get:
  • Geotargetted marketing
  • Advanced, real time searching
  • Unlimited twitter accounts
  • CPC stats (you can monitor your campaign through cpc link tracking)

Try TwitterHawk right now - the first Targeted Marketing System for twitter and start generating those all important leads; get to meet more people in your niche; and increase your following.

Sign up with TwitterHawk, it's easy. I just did and got 10 free credits to get started.

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  1. I'll have to look into this. It seems every week another new program comes along for twitter, it's hard to keep up. But if your posting about it, then that's good enough for me :-)