Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny wins by TKO on the 12th Round

Manny Pacquiao made history today winning via a TKO on the 12th round against Miguel Cotto, and in the process rewriting boxing history by becoming the first fighter to win 7 championships in 7 different weight divisions. Here are some highlights of the fight. (I will post the full fight video soon as I can get my hands on one.)

A sad footnote though to Pacquiao's victory .... a Pacquiao fan died of a heart attack after watching the fight at the SM Megamall Cinema. The guy, a Filipino 'balikbayan' was just here for a short vacation when his nephew invited him to watch the fight at the SM cinema in Mandaluyong city. The excitement of Pacquiao's victory must have heightened the guy's emotions and with it his blood pressure. He collapsed at the mall's foodcourt as he was about to take lunch with his nephew immediately after the fight. He was rushed to the medical clinic at the second floor of the mall. I was there for my scheduled medical check up when the guy was rushed in. All the available doctors hurriedly helped revived the guy...but it was all too late. As of press time last night, a total of 10 others were reported to have died of heart attack while watching or after watching the Pacquiao fight in the Philippines.

Death, indeed, like a thief in the night, will strike anywhere on anyone without notice or indication. And so, as I said a little prayer of thanksgiving for Pacquiao's victory, I also said a prayer for the repose of the guy's well as another short prayer to my Maker for keeping me healthy and safe throughout these years.

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