Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Have you ever wondered how the much talked about Economic Stimulus Package benefit the ordinary consumers?

I read a lot of news article on the matter. I've watched commentaries on it on TV, but I still am not clear how the it redounds to consumer benefits in real terms - well, at least until I stumbled on this site - The Investo Blog. It is actually a personal finance blog and touches on many other things (like how to make money blogging), besides being a tax blog. One of the interesting recent post on this blog is about how laid off employees qualify for 65% reduction on health insurance premiums. (I wasn't sure I qualify for this until I read his blog.)

The blog also explains in detail how the $8000 New Home Buyer Tax Credit works! The blog also explains in detail how the New Car Purchase Tax Incentive (Auto Stimulus Tax Package) really benefits you as a consumer. The author of the blog must also be well versed with India's Investment Landscape as he has several authoritative posts concerning investments in that country.

As the author wrote in the blog, Investo Blog is his personal diary jounaling his personal quest to reach a personal investment strategy. Well, whatever this means, the author is surely touching on a lot of topics to arrive at his planned destinations. Plenty of helpful financial tips, though on this blog!


  1. Hey Richard,

    I don't know how you stumbled upon this site but thanks for sharing. I will read more on it and see if it will benefit me any. How are things going with you these days? I pray all good. Have a great weekend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. BigDaddyRichard thanks for the great post and ref to investo blog.

  3. I did use your list to do my 300drops, and I've been very remiss in not mentioning you and it. I shall remedy that right away.

    And thank-you again for such a useful tool.

  4. lol That was fast! And thanks!

  5. I don't particularly care for the stimulus package, mostly because I believe in limited govt involvement in everything. In my opinion, the more the gov messes with this, the worse it will get.

    That aside, Walgreens has free healthcare for anyone who lost their jobs after March 31st.

  6. Thanks for sharing this website. I will check it out soon. Happy Easter to all!

  7. Fantastic and fun I've let my readers know its available thanks for other info