Wednesday, April 22, 2009

INTERNET SURFING MADE FUN BY is a complete and unique Web 2.0 directory. Developed and launched in September 2006 by two Israeli computer geeks, the site has proven to be very popular with itsA tag cloud with terms related to Web 2. unique and visually attractive presentation of the websites under its listing using the start up logos of these different sites. Putting the cursor on top of a particular logo will bring up a short flash description of the site. Clicking a logo will bring up a tab at the bottom of the browser like frame which contains a link and some basic information about the site. Selecting a tag or topic is also fun and easy. Clicking the select button will bring up a comprehensive tag cloud from which you can choose your tag/topic and the resulting display of site logos will be limited to the tag selection. Surfing the net has never been this easy and fun.

Surfing before requires going through a search engine, typing a tag or topic, and reading through the descriptive snippets. It was tasking and tiring. Now, with the new upgraded, everything is through a click of the mouse. There simply is no wasted surfing time.

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  1. Hey Richard,
    To tell you the truth my friend, I don't have time to leisurely surf the web. I am too busy reading blog posts fm Entrecard, accepting friends request on FB, Twitter and ALP and trying to update my own blog. I'm sure this is a great tool and maybe one day I will be able to just play on the web again. Thanks!

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. oh, i am not sure if i will have the chance to try this, i am so slow in updating myself with regards to internet :( but it surely is nice to know that the on line world is evolving and constantly updating.

    ps...i got your link from our blogging for fun yahoo group.

  3. That looks interesting and I will have to check it out when I get time. Like Eddie, I am so busy blogging, dropping cards and commenting that I rarely have time to just surf.