Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today, I received the following e-mail from Entrecard support so I am cutting short my EC Contest "Help Me Catch Pesky Pop Up Ads In This Blog". I feel there is no more point in continuing the contest since EC technical support already acknowledged there are no pop ups in  this blog. I felt relieved but also a bit disappointed that I had to prematurely end the first ever EC contest I sponsored. It could have been a good way to gauge if people do read my blog at all. Anyway, here's the email:

"Entrecard Technical Support"

Hi there I think there has been a mix up I cant see any pop-up so am gonna remove the warning for you sorry for the inconviencance.
Andy H

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: EJT-830314
Department: Technical Support
Priority: Medium
Status: Closed

 After only a day, I received 7 comments (1 spam) confirming there are really no pop up ads in my blog. There could have been more had my comments form been working o the first day. Thanks to Coffee Lady for getting my attention to this. Anyway, I decided to distribute the EC credits meant for the contest prizes equally among those who submitted their comments. I shall be sending each one of you 1,000 EC's each. Please wait for my email on this. I am truly grateful to all of you. Cheers!

  1. Steve of  "Make Money Online With AdSense"
  2. Julehya of  "Sound and Sense"
  3. Femmepower of "Femme Power"
  4. Jude of "Mature Not Senile"
  5. Pastilan of "Techno Techniques"
  6. Christina of "My World or Your World"

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  1. Thanks for the EC credits! I really enjoyed checking out your blog! You are in my favs now! have a great day! Christina

  2. Sorry I missed this post previously, and sorry to hear EC is bugging people still, again...whatever. A month ago, I loved EC, now am trying to work through things.

    Good Luck, sorry you had to cut short your contest.

    Perhaps down the road things will calm down
    welcome mats always out, visitors most welcomed

  3. This also happened to me in the middle of a EC contest I did, they said I had a pop up so they deleted my account. In my case though there really was one even if I can't see it.

    I made a new contest now that my account is back on track and active. I hope it will work out for the sake of my reputation.