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This is the website for 'idiots' like me, err,  and you?.....wannabe bloggers designing their own sites...stringy newbies searching the web endlessly for free downloadable templates they can use....continually shifting from one design to another never really knowing what's best for them....stubbornly refusing to sign up for paid web design services, hoping they can finally put together the right design combination on their own...frustatingly watching their sites linger continually at the bottom of page rankings!

Well, we've got good news!  "Web Design For Idiots" is now up and running! This is a design website that offers free tips and tricks for newbies. Authored by a 'girl hack' who has tremendous patience for upstarts and a comforting knowledge of what it is to be an 'idiot' blogger, Website Design For Idiots is remarkably a 'must see' site for both the experienced and the inexperienced !

The site has tons of information, tips, and tricks, free advice and how-to's!  This site is a treasure trove of information for bloggers like us. Every single visit to the site is a wholesome tutorial experience by itself - you will never fail to learn something new or pick up a good pointer or two.  Her tips on what bloggers should avoid doing with their blogs were remarkable, and even started me to realize that after almost half a year of blogging, I have not inched much as a newbie. Her advice on the use of freely available templates is truly revealing and made me review everything I have done as a blogger in the past.

Well, is really for idiots like me. Hard hitting, direct to the point, no frills! Just about anything about designing your blog is on this site! If you are a newbie like me, you must visit her site. (Yeah, that's her lovely picture on the right!) is void of complicated, hard to follow blogging tips. Just simple tricks, common sensical tips, and a pile of links to important websites you wouldn't ordinarily be able to discover just surfing around.The girl-hack author is also offering free consultation services. She will analyse the layout and design of any site on request and even post the review on her site.
For a hack who claims she's has not undergone formal training on web design, she's a revelation 'coz her site is a treasure trove of information for newbie bloggers struggling to get noticed in the blogosphere. 

So , if you are one of those growing number of 'idiots' in the blogosphere, go visit the site now..... you'd see me there too!

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  1. Thanks for making this website visible for a lot of us. I don't need it but I do know someone who is just starting out and I will inform them of this help they can get for free right now. Thanks for the post.

    Eddie Garcia

  2. Excellent reference! I'm quite settled in my basic custom blogspot account, but I love sites that offer creative solutions to common problems - sometimes even just so I don't feel so hopeless myself. Personally, I love the 'Don't Do It! as cool as it might be' post. I think all my pet peeves were listed :)

  3. One of the things I love about blogging is the opportunity to learn about other blogger's blogs. I had never heard of Web Design for Idiots until I read your blog! Thanks! Like you have said, it appears that Web Design for Idiots is the perfect blog for those new to blogging, but also, for those who have been blogging for a while and think they know all the answers. LOL You can always learn something new. I like the fact that the site contains a multitude of information, on a variety of blogging topics. I will definitely refer to the site as needed.

  4. This was really useful for bloggers p

  5. Funny. The one who will buy this or read this will call himself as idiot first. :D
    Jokes apart. When you are much into blogging and surfing, It's always good to have knowledge about web designing. You can call other idiot then.

  6. I have seen this site before, I shall bookmark it this time so I don't forget where it is. Thanks for sharing so I could find it again :-)