Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trouble On The Road? - Contact RepairPal!

More often than not, car troubles appear when you least expect them...and almost always, - in isolated places where help is nowhere to be found! Well, worry no longer because RepairPal is here!

RepairPal is an online auto resource site which is free and easy to use. It provides you with the most accurate and complete information on auto repair and maintenance. Whatever your car trouble needs may be, RepairPal can provide you with the best options to get yourself out of the sticky situation you got yourself in. Be it a roadside breakdown, an auto emergency, or simple car maintenance problems, RepairPal is there to help 24/7. The site offers a directory of more than 287,000 local mechanics whose locations are even provided with Google maps! RepairPal will also help you get immediate road assistance by providing you information on the nearest tow truck services.

RepairPal stands for total Car Care Confidence, as their slogan goes! It helps car owners save money by fair service price estimates. (You'd know the right amount to pay before you even bring your car to a shop.) With almost 300,000 mechanics in their directory complete with updated user reviews, you'll get the right mechanic, in the right place, at the right price. (No more rip offs!)

Here's more good news for car owners! You can now bring RepairPal with you where ever you go!  RepairPal has a mobile application for iPhones and andrioids which you can download for free. With RepairPal on your mobiles, you can now get behind the wheels with total confidence that assistance will be just one touch away! (RepairPal covers every zip code in the U.S.)

To sum it all up, RepairPal can provide you with accurate repair cost estimates, help you find a reliable mechanic, provide you with emergency road assistance, help you keep track of your car's health, provides you tips and information on proper car maintenance, and many more useful information that will help you gain that total confidence every time you get behind the wheels for your daily grind.

RepairPal is a must for all car owners. Visit the site now and sign up. It's totally free. Don't forget to download the  RepairPal Mobile app for your mobile phones so you will always have a guardian angel when you hit the road!

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