Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Hat 's Off To You, Mr. Hickey! Your Disclaimer Is Much Appreciated!

Mr. Jimmy Hickey, who was the subject of my tirade in my previous post finally took down the video of his trip to the Philippines which carried a title which was rather insulting to the Filipino people! He edited his video and  and even made an apology! All's well that ends well!

I just wish to clarify that Jimmy and his team mates really did nothing wrong - I understand that they were just trying to enjoy themselves as young men would when they visit a new place. Explore the place to the hilt is what they wanted to do, and did. Unfortunately, and unescorted at that, they must have ended up in the wrong places populated by scrupulous individuals and opportunistic women!

I personally did not find the video offensive...only the title and the tag he gave my country as the "Land Of Swindlers." I respect Jimmy's rights to free speech -  but all rights have limitations...in this case it stops at the point of maligning another person, or a whole nation for that matter!
 Just when I was thinking of making this nasty incident go viral and an unwanted prolonged distraction, Mr. Hickey surprised me when he posted his edited video which he now entitled "The Land of Friendly And Happy People"!

Here is his latest post on PbNation : ( I am also posting the video below for anyone interested to watch!)

Here is the new updated video. I apologize to any Filipino people who were offended by the previous video and I hope this video is more appropriate. I understand some people get offended quite easily when I exercise my right to free speech, so I added a few disclaimers whenever a potentially offending video clip is played. Thanks for watching!

My apologies to you, too, Jimmy...as well as to your team mates - for forgetting that you guys are barely out of your teens and rarin to see the world as it is. You will be more than welcome when you guys do come back to the Philippines. Drop me a line when you do because I will personally escort you around to visit the best places in our country...and you can put the tab on me!

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  1. I am quite sure that being repeatedly hit in the head with paintballs was also a contributing factor in their decision making.