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 I am reposting this article by Toto Causing of Dyaryo Magdalo!  Read, ponder, but more important, take action to prevent such a scenario!


Dyaryo Magdalo


The military is held by Gloria Arroyo's mistahs. The Supreme Court is held by her appointees. She caused a mad scramble for the Chief Justice post by starting the vetting after the Highest Court ruled beyond reason to put upside down the half-a-century doctrine against midnight appointment. This she does to lure incumbent justices to bid for her graces if only to be appointed as CJ.

She also has already issued about a hundred clearly eleventh-hour appointments to executive posts disguised by means of antedating technique although those to be replaced were not informed of their recall or removal on the dates the appointments of the replacements were signed.

With still three months Gloria on the loose with her powers, many things can happen, including those that will question the appointments that the SC decisions will be fast-tracked to her favor. That is although one issue to be raised here is: When can an appointment be deemed completed? Is it on the day of signing by the President or on the day the appointees received the appointment notice and swore to office? That is, although it is pretty obvious that these appointments were actually signed when the midnight period has already begun but that the appointments were only made to appear to have been signed before March 11, the day the midnight period began.

An example is 87-year-old Alfonso Yuchengco, who was appointed ambassador to Germany with his appointment showing it to have been signed before March 11. But the incumbent ambassador, Delia Albert, did not know until the Yuchengco appointment was announced after March 11. She did not even receive any memo or notice that she was already replaced.


Let us all be serious now and give heroism a chance by giving up your choice candidates in favor of one anti-Gloria presidential candidate to save our country.

First, my fear is a FAILURE OF ELECTION in at least 10% of the voting areas in the country. If we have 49 million voters now as the Comelec said, that means 10% is 4.9 million votes that cannot be counted on Election Day. This will suspend the proclamation of the new President and the new Vice President if the closeness of the contest will show a difference of only 2 million votes. If the difference between the No. 1 leading senatorial bet and the No. 13 senatorial candidate is less than 4 million, no new senator can be elected.


And this scenario is very much possible. It is easy for Gloria-held military to make dramas to destroy or burn or delay the delivery of ballots in Muslim and remote areas. It is easy for warlords to seize by the power of guns those PCOS machines before the results can be transmitted to the canvassing computers. Adding to this, it is also very easy to file all kinds of concocted petitions and cases to delay the holding of new elections. With the Supreme Court peopled by Gloria appointees, you can expect many judicial doctrines turned around: like the midnight appointment prohibition and the no-automatic-resignation of appointed officials running for political posts (although this was reversed later by the SC).

Complete power vacuum occurs this way. Our constitution says that if no new president is proclaimed because of the closeness of the contest and the failure of elections in at least 10% of the voting areas, the proclaimed vice president shall take over. But if there is also no proclamation in the vice-presidential contest owing to the same reasons, the Senate President takes over. And if there is no Senate President because Enrile's term ends on June 30 and no new senator is proclaimed for the same reasons, then the Speaker of the House shall act as President.

Now, if Gloria wins the congressional race in Pampanga, it is easy for her to become Speaker because she can easily bribe the congressmen to elect her Speaker. And if she is the Speaker, the constitution says she continues to be the president in acting capacity.

Not only this, Gloria still has an OPTION. Because there would be no new senator, GLORIA MACAPAGAL will argue that the 12 remaining senators who still have 3 years more in their terms cannot elect a Senate President because the majority in the Senate must be at least 13 votes for the Senate is made up of 24 senators. So that she can argue that she should stay as President under the Holdover Doctrine that her Supreme Court would agree. Remember that the current Senate President is Enrile whose term ends on June 30.

Now, the ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS POWER VACUUM SCENARIO IS FOR US TO POUR ALL OUR VOTES ON ONE NON-GLORIA CANDIDATE. This is to ensure that there would be a “very wide margin” between the No. 1 leading presidential candidate and the runner-up, and in effect ensuring that even if 10% of the votes are not counted we can still proclaim a new president because the number of uncounted votes is mathematically impossible to overturn the margin of lead.

I PROPOSE that we pour all our anti-Gloria votes on Noynoy for he is only the one who is in the best chance to achieve the very-wide-margin objective.

Be a hero by giving up your choice and pour it on Noynoy.

Please think about it, guys and gals.

Can the country count on you?

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  1. It's very interesting about the VILLARROYO thing. I find it noticeable that a lot of people are not just looking Villar with his Sipag at Tiyaga commercials but what he is going to do with the country. One farmer told me that he won't vote Villar because he might "SELL" the Philippines to foreigners. Indeed it's true. If he really wanted to serve the country and his goal genuine then why does he have to spend millions (i don't if it already reached billions). Couldn't he just let his works do the talking. Another question is WHAT'S IN IT FOR SPENDING THAT MUCH IF HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY PERSONAL INTEREST?