Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strictly For Filipino Readers Only....A Hilarious Video On The C5 Scandal In the Philippines

I found this hilarious, yet hard-hitting video on the C5 Extension Project Scandal. The video says it all! It depicts the futile effort of Villar and company in preventing the truth from coming out. I couldn't stop laughing while watching this video! See it for yourself and you'll surely get a load of fun and laughter viewing it.

Note: For the sake of my non Pinoy readers, the video is a spoof of what is currently going on in the floors of the Philippine Senate. Unfortunately, the notations and the language used are in the local dialect.

Villar's continued refusal to attend the senate sessions can be construed as an acceptance of guilt. What is more damning is Ted Failon's expose on another anomalous road project also linked to Villar(The Daang Hari Road Project) which instead of being constructed on a short and cheaper straight line route (as is customary), was built to circle around Villar's 23 subdivisions in the area instead and subsequently benefiting these 23 subdivisions tremendously.

Villar did a no show when Failon's crew heeded Villar's own invitation to visit the site. He also did a no show at the Forum for the Presidentiables held in a local university the next day to avoid a possible ambush interview by Failon's crew.

Watch this episode of Failon Ngayon and see for yourself who the real Manny Villar is.

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