Saturday, September 26, 2009


I stumbled upon this great and timely Business Opportunity Grant being offered by British Airways for free to any US company with  500 employess or less. British Airways is giving 100 US companies this one year travel grant - and the beautiful thing about this is, you do nothing but fill up an application form, tell them about your company and answer a few questions. If you are lucky enough to get selected to be one of the 100 recipients of this business grant this is what you get:

  • British Airways airfare for 10 round-trip Club World business class flights.
  • 5 free British Airways World Cargo freight shipments of up to 500 kilos to worldwide destinations
  • $1000 toward accommodation at Courtyard by Marriott
  • 5 Regus Businessworld Gold Cards providing access to business lounges worldwide
  • Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer

With the crippling recession gripping the nation, your company must have cut down on your overseas travels or must have taken it off your budgets completely reserving those meager resources only for emergencies. But surely, like British Airways, you know for a fact that there is no substitute for doing business face to face with your valued clients. This is the key to developing a long lasting relationship with the clients. Besides, your business must have grown in the past out of doing business face to face with your clients where you are able to add that most important personal touch to every transaction - where you get to make your clients feel oh so important. As British Airways loves to put it - " Business Deals are not made through e-mails but over dinners!"

As a prestigious airline company, British Airways has always been in the business of connecting people and businesses. Now with these grants, British Airways is giving your company a chance to move forward sans the recession and travel for free to where the opportunity is. With this Business Opportunity Grant, British Airways aims to inspire you 'to find the right opportunity and give your business a boost'.

So if your company is a US company with a valid Federal ID and 500 employees or less are eligible, click on the link below and apply fast. Hurry because you only have 5 days to go - you need to apply  by September 30, 2009! Remember this - All entrants need to be authorized employees with the ability to enter the contest on behalf of their companies or authorized by a senior director to do so.

Business Opportunity Grant

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 If you are not a businessman yourself, pass this on to any of your friends who is....pass this on to preferred companies you've transacted with in the past...pass this on to your local home grown industries and let them know about this great opportunity! Should they be lucky enough to be chosen as one of the recipients of the grants, they will surely be indebted to you forever. Do all of your businessmen-friends and acquiantances a great favor, call them about this great, free opportunity, or email this post to them. Do it fast 'coz applications will only be accepted till September 30.


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