Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link From Blog - The Newest Paid-To-Blog Network! Join It Now!

With millions of bloggers vying for the now dwindling number of 'paid-to-blog' writing opportunities from existing networks, this sure is a welcome news!

Link From Blog is the newest and the latest addition to the growing numbers of paid reviews networks. Whether you are a blogger looking for new opportunities to monetize your blog or an advertiser seeking a network to launch a viral campaign for its products or services, Linkfromblog is worth your consideration. Being new, it can not be considered a 'burned' source for viral campaign. Readers are apt to read on the reviews on this new network, in stark contrast to other already established paid reviews sites where readers shy away from reading on once they see the disclosure badges of said sites.

Here's more good news for bloggers! Linkfrom blog also has a referral program where you get to earn a whooping $50 per qualified referal! Can you beat that! 
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For Advertisers, you put your Ad money, select the blogs, and start getting visitors to your site! You set your price and buy blog reviews, surveys or opinions with original content written by bloggers. Each review has an inbound link to your website. Every blog post is one more blog doing your product placement, low-pressure advertising, marketing buzz, viral (word of mouth) marketing.

For bloggers, you need only to register your blog, write a review, and start earning money! Earning money with review writing - is the best way to monetize your blog, allowing you to earn quickly . Moreover, it is the only way to make money if your blog is placed on a free platform (for example,,, and not on your own host. 0% commission for Bloggers.

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  1. Hey thanks for reminding me! I signed up here a while ago but never really understood what to do. Those .10 posts confused me and I gave up. Went back tonight and read the terms again plus received help from admin!

  2. Booked marked it so I can explore it when time permits.
    Love the scrolling FBC thing you've got going, how do you do that?
    Traveling Suitcase