Saturday, April 24, 2010

Only An "Electronic Garci" Will Stop Him Now

With less than two weeks before elections, Noynoy Aquino has kept his lead over all the other presidential candidates in practically all kinds of poll surveys conducted all over the country! The outpouring of overwhelming support from all sectors of the Philippine society is reminiscent of the EDSA 1 revolt against the Marcos Dictatorship.

After nine years of continuing political and moral decadence under Arroyo, the nation now look up to Noynoy for that much awaited new hope! Now, only a COMELEC instigated electronic 'dagdag-bawas' can stop him now!

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  1. let's hope and pray those election riggers die before they do their job for their dorf goddess.

  2. I have been campaigning for Noy, Mar, and their LP senatorial candidate Martin Bautista for quite some time now. I really do believe that they are what it takes to change this country.

    Right now with campaigning supposedly over, I can only pray that they not be cheated out of victory. They are what the country desperately needs right now.

    Rock on BigDaddy!