Thursday, October 2, 2008


Reflections of Darkness or is a personal website of a piano-loving (you’d find piano concert video clips from you tube at the footer of his site), cricket playing, young engineer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (formerly Madras). Why he chose such a title for his blog is a mystery to which the blogger needs to post an explanation for. The website is well designed and neat. The dark background of the blog’s design definitely adds up to the mystery (insinuating that his reflections are coming from it?). His posts are actually not reflections of darkness but more like streaming expressions of random thoughts on just about anything the blogger took fancy of. The topicS range from the obscure ( like Phentermine drug) to the most popular (like the U.S. financial crisis and swigs at President George Bush). At 21, the author, a self-confessed, good-looking blog-addict, has lots of time and talent to share with the rest of the blogosphere. His site is definitely worth watching!
Reflections Of Darkness

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