Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Coalition of Freedom Loving Filipinos Condemns Chinese Intrusion at Benham Rise

Last March 24, 2017, a protest rally was staged by DAMPI (Democratic Alliance Movement of the Philippines International), a coalition of different groups of freedom loving Filipinos based here and abroad. The rally was spearheaded by the Regents, one of the most active groups in the coalition together with the Amazing Light. The four hour activity commenced with a silent protest march which started from the Ayala Triangle Garden at the center of the country's premier business district. It then passed through part of busy Ayala Avenue before proceeding to the New World Center Building at Horacio dela Costa Avenue where the Chinese Consulate is located.

The group is protesting the Chinese intrusion at Benham Rise which is part of the continental shelf of the Philippines and falls within the exclusive economic zone of the country. The rally also condemned the treasonous act of the president who publicly admitted that he secretly gave China permission to enter Benham Rise and conduct exploratory surveys in the area. They also decried the defeatist attitude of the president who said he won't go to war against the bigger China to protect a small part of the country.

Afraid that China may once again illegally claim and build structures at Benham Rise just as it did at the Panatag Shoal (West Philippine Sea), members of the DAMPI coalition decided to bring their protest on the streets of Makati and in front of  the Chinese Consulate.

Here are some scenes of the rally:

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