Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tribute to a Great Wife and a caring Mother

The Mother That Loves
The Mother That Cares
The Mother That Helps
The Mother That Worries
The Mother That's With You Through It All
The Mother That Raised You To Be Who ANd What You Are
The Mother That Encourages You
The Mother That Works Hard For You
The Mother That Sacrifices
The Mother That Is Here Only For You
The Mother That Has Lived All These Years For You
The Mother That Is Surviving Only For You
The Mother That Is Here
The Mother That Is There, For, This Mother Is Everywhere
The Mother That Is Kind
The Mother That Is Warm-Hearted
The Mother That Is Super-Women
The Mother Of All Mother's... 

The Mother by Nesmah Elsayed

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Personal Appeal -"Help Sue through her most trying time"

Sue is Maria Suzette Perez Alcantara of Zamboanga City and Pasig. A vibrant and highly protective mother to Winchell Alcantara (Sitel, Philippines), Patrick Paul Alcantara (Stream Global Services), Strawberry Anne Alcantara, and Ma. Carlota P. Alcantara (Transcome).  Sue is my wife!
After coming from a baptismal party with two of her daughters, she suffered a stroke while still in the taxi on her way home. She and her daughters didn't realize at all that it was already the onset of a stroke. She complained of a sudden and severe headache. She still managed to get off the taxi on arrival at her house in Pasig and immediately lay down on the couch writhing in pain. She asked for a cold compress and continued to shout in severe pain. A few minutes later, she out a long spine tingling cry....for the last time as she passed out never to open her eyes again. We rushed her to Medical City where she had short bouts of consciousness at the hospital’s emergency room. The attending doctors were baffled why in just a few seconds she was already unresponsive – all her vital functions showing signs of stress. A brain scan was immediately made which confirmed what the doctors suspected all along - an aneurysm burst in her brain blood vessel burst and rapidly flooded her brain with blood putting her immediately in a coma! In a comatose scale of 1 to 15 where 15 represents the most recoverable stage of a comatose state, Sue scored a mere 3 - which means it would be futile and can even be more tragic for the doctors to consider any other means of medical intervention. In effect, the doctors declared her "Brain Dead" just within minutes after her arrival at the Medical City emergency room.

She continues today to survive through life support systems. In the absence of controlling commands from her brain, she continues to breathe through a ventilator.  Her heartbeat and blood pressure artificially induced and manage by a combination of medicines.
We nearly lost her yesterday March 4 when her heart beat and BP went wild. She was revived through 3 CPR attempts with the last one finally managing to get her heart breathing again. She remains stable up to now after the doctors decided to feed the medicines through her jugular vein.
We know that the doctors have done everything they could for her. In Sue’s condition, we know there is nothing more they can do. All they can do now is to maintain the life support system that is keeping her alive up to this time. They will keep her stable and breathing for as long as her family wants her to remain alive.
Right now, everything is in God’s hands! The family believes that even with the most technologically advanced instruments and the best medicines available, if God wants to finally take Sue into His fold, nothing can stop it. But if he has other plans for her then the Almighty may keep her alive and even altogether heal her. Until the Lord manifests His will on our beloved Sue, the family is resolved to keep her on life support systems – despite the odds.
We therefore need your help...your constant and regular prayers to seek Divine intervention for our beloved Sue. Please pray for her until she is fully recovered… or, until the Almighty takes her into His Kingdom. There is nothing more powerful than the prayers of so many believers seeking Divine intervention for Sue! Please pray for her.

In the meanwhile, any and all donations to help keep Sue on life support systems will be more than welcome. You can contact any of Sue’s children at their numbers below or you can deposit your pledges to Sue’s Banco de Oro account.
Winchell P. Alcantara – 0932-5322343
Patrick Paul Alcantara – 09228547440/ Landline 3427878
Strawberry Anne Alcantara – 09234116151
Ma. Carlota P. Alcantara – 09327104256
Banco de Oro Account Number: 001430109155
Account Name: Ma. Suzette P. Alcantara

For international pledges, you may send your donation via Paypal at this Paypal e-mail address -

We thank you in advance for your prayers and any financial pledges you may wish to provide.
From the family of Ma. Suzette P. Alcantara